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Hot Shots Program



The Hot Shot program is a stepping stone to swim team. Hot Shot swimmers will be taught kicking, diving, streamlines, breathing, and a minimum of two competitive strokes (depending on ability and progression level).

This program is for children ages 4-6 who want to be part of the team but are not ready to swim at a competitive level. 

Important: This is not a "learn to swim" program

There will be a swim test on the first day of class. Swimmers must be water safe which includes:

  • Swim 5 feet unassisted with face in water
  • Be able to take at least two breaths in the 5 feet
  • Able to roll over onto back in mid swim
  • Float while on their backs for at least 10 seconds
  • Tread water for 5 seconds with head above water
  • Jump in the pool feet first and then swim back to the edge

If a swimmer does not pass the swim test on the first day they will be given the opportunely to take swim lessons instead of Hot Shots because of safety reasons, NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you are intersted in doing lessons before Hot Shots begin click HERE



  • Summer Session A is four weeks and begins Monday, June 7 – 30, 11:00 -11:30am
  • Summer Session B is four weeks and begins Monday, June 7 – 30, 11:30 -12:00pm
  • Summer Session C is four weeks and begins Monday, July 6 – 28, 11:00 -11:30am
  • Summer Session D is four weeks and begins Monday, July 6 – 28, 11:30 -12:00pm


Summer practices are offered Monday – Wednesday at either 11:00-11:30 OR 11:30-12:00pm.

Hot shots will practice is in the Lap Pool over by the Spa. Please remember that kids under 13 are not allowed to be in the Spa. 

Space is limited to 8 swimmers per time slot so sign up soon! Cost is $350. Swimmers will receive a team shirt and trophy.

Registration begins May 10 at 7:00am. Click HERE to sign up.