Our Wonderful Coaches

Swimmers are our focus, so coaches are the core of our program.


  • Head Coach: Ashley Funkhouser
  • Assistant Coach: Pat O'Neill
  • Assistant Coach: Cara Shrum
  • Assistant Coach: Mindy Schwartz
  • Assistant Coach: Chad Gusler
  • For all questions related to swimming and safety, please contact an adult coach.  During practices and meets, please let coaches concentrate on the swimmers in the pool - not answering parents' questions. If you have any questions or concerns about swimming, please speak with an adult coach  prior to or after practice/meet. You may also contact coaches via e-mail.

Our coaches are professional, experienced and committed.  When it comes to swimming,  their word is final! They have earned this privileged authority. At the same time, they are easy going and flexible. If you or your child have a problem, it is your responsibility to  communicate!  Please do not allow a problem or any concern escalate. Respectful communication between all parties is essential for successful resolutions.

  • We are blessed that this sports program has developed a community & family feel to it.
  • We believe mutual respect for everyone involved is a essential component for success.

The trust you bestow on us with your children is a gift, and we treat it as such.

Teenage team veterans serve as junior coaches. Several are Westover Pool lifeguards and offer one-on-one swim lessons. Please feel free to speak with junior coaches, but remember that they are also children (ages 13-18). Please address concerns with adult coaches only.


Swimmers who join our program at a young age thoroughly appreciate the value of our junior coaches program. They know how much they look up the the teenagers who spent so much time teaching & encouraging them to become better swimmers. After a few years on the Waves, they want to become junior coaches themselves.

Junior coach applicants must be at least 13yo & swim on the team, go through an application process, interviews & training. They receive $7.50 per hour & an additional 50 cents per hour for each year of junior coaching experience. They work almost exclusively w/ swimmers 8 & under. You will recognize them by their yellow coaching shirts. Think of them as big brothers & big sisters to our youngest swimmers.

Junior coach applications are due April 25th.  Please contact Coach Cara if you are interested.