Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team

The Westover Waves are not-for-profit, community organization. Your Leadership Team includes coaches & parent volunteers who serve in either Administrative, or Meet Management roles. All of us are in theses positions to make a positive impact on our children's development.

All parents are expected to volunteer, so please check our PARENT VOLUNTEERING webpage. Every position requires TWO parents, so please consider what you want your role to be. Following is your current Leadership Team for 2018:


  • Head Coach -- Chad Gusler
  • Assistant Coaches -- Pat O'Neill, Zsuzsa Fox, Cara Shrum 
  • College Coaches -- Delaney Burgett, Casey Wilson, Hannah Daniel



  • Team Manager -- Tammy Brown and Teresa Hulleman
  • Treasurers -- Julian Alleyne 
  • Fundraising -- Cindi Sandridge and Stephanie Shafer
  • Waves Wear & Swimsuits -- Tammy Brown & Pamela Bell
  • Tech Manager -- Yong Ma.
  • Ribbons -- Jerri Alexiou & Kara Vance.
  • Translators -- Annick Dupal, French & Italian; Christina Fulgueiro, Spanish; Zsusza Fox, Spanish & Hungarian; Wendy Zheing & Yong Ma, Chinese; 
  • "Splash In" kickoff event, June 3rd -- Tammy Brown and Teresa Hulleman
  • "Splash-getti" pool party   July 21st -- Mindy Schwartz
  • Westover Pool -- Kristin Lam, Aquatics Director; A.J. Morris, Supervisor
  • 2018 VSL Representatives -- Michael Alexiou & Cyndi Gusler
  • Please contact Tammy Brown or Teresa Hulleman if you are interested in volunteering at


  • Meet Director -- Kris Kirwan
  • Volunteer Coordinator -- Annick Dupal & John White
  • Scorekeepers -- Paul Campbell 
  • Schedule Cards -- Veronica Perez
  • Starters -- Ryan Corriston & Tom Little
  • Head Timers --  Margo & Ron McIntire
  • Sweeps & Relays -- Cyndi Gusler
  • Referee/Stroke & Turn -- Chris Fox
  • Clerk of Course -- Janet Daniel
  • Please contact Annick Dupal about becoming a meet volunteer.

Remember, please check out our PARENT VOLUNTEERING webpage, too. Thank you.