Team Swimsuits

Team Swimsuits 2019

  • We do not have an official team swimsuit, but we do have a uniform color -- BLUE, either royal, or navy. Please choose blue as the dominant color of your suit.
  • Although not required, the recommended team suit can be ordered through We have chosen the Sporti Light Wave suit which is available in boys and mens jammers as well as girls and womens one-piece suit. Please use the following links to order your suit. Team swimsuits are not required, just recommended. PLEASE BE SURE TO ORDER COLOR BLUE!
  • womens suit

    girls suit

    mens jammer

    boys jammer

  • Girls are required to wear a one-piece suit.
  • Boys can wear briefs, or jammers (which fit tight to the skin). Baggy beach trunks are acceptable for practice, but not in a meet.
  • Rinse chlorine after each use to save the color & fabric.
  • Put your name on EVERYTHING you bring to the pool.