Team Swimsuits

Updated 6/15/17

Pre-orders through are over, so please do not use the links below. You may contact directly to see if they have any suits remaining in inventory. Sorry for any confusion my delay in updating this web page caused. - Tony


Updated 4/24/17.

Team Swimsuits & SportFairUSA

Your child's swimsuit will be very important to them b/c it projects an image of them to their peers. Please give the choice careful consideration.

  • We do not have an official team swimsuit, but we do have a uniform color -- BLUE, either royal, or navy. Please choose blue as the dominant color of your suit.
  • Girls are required to wear a one-piece suit.
  • Boys can wear briefs, or jammers (which fit tight to the skin). Baggy beach trunks are acceptable for practice, but not in a meet.
  • For vanity sake, please select a pattern design over a solid color.
  • Rinse chlorine after each use to save the color & fabric.
  • Put your name on EVERYTHING you bring to the pool.

For the past two years, we have selected a swimsuit from choices offered by We did this to take the burden off parent volunteers & to offer it to a third party, somebody in the business of swimsuits. Last year went well & this year should be event better.

Swimsuits can be ordered during registration, beginning April 24, 2017 for returning families & May 1, 2017 for new families. Purchases will be separate from registration, but "How to Order" information & a website link will be available during the online registration process. Costs for the 2017 suits are $25.95 for male brief, sizes 24-38; $32.95 for male jammers; & $39.95 for female, sizes 22-40. Larger sizes may also be available, probably at a higher price.

A great thing about working w/ SportFairUSA is, they will be at Westover Pool for our "Splash In" kickoff event on Saturday, June 3, 1:00-5:00pm. That's when swimmers try on suits to make sure they fit properly; if not, SportFairUSA will have extra supplies of various sizes. They may also have goggles, practice fins & kickboards. You may also purchase, or order a suit on-site this day, as supplies exist.

(Left) By unanimous vote of swim families this winter, our new suit for 2017 is SuperNova by Arena.


Right) Here is our 2016 suit, called Lava by Arena, also provided by SportFairUSA.



2012   2013




Here are various swimsuits by the Britt kids in 2012 & 2013. Any blue suit w/ a pattern & fits will work well.



Just b/c we arrange for & vote on a new suit every season, it does not mean swimmers need a new suit every year. Of course, children grow, which may necessitate a new swimsuit. Otherwise, parents, you are encouraged the lay down the law, no new suit is required every season. You are also welcome to check out suits available at other stores, both online & local.

Why do we do it this way?

  • Expense. We strive for diversity that reflects our city, including socio-economic differences. The more we keep costs down, the more swimmers we can attract.
  • Timeliness. We tried a single uniform years ago, but families were not receiving their orders until the season was nearly completed.
  • Practicality. Our team swimsuit will work well in any beach, pool, or water activity.
  • Focus. Using a third-party vendor allows us parents to focus more on our swimmers instead of tasks better left to experts.

Yes, it would be nice if everyone had a consistent swimsuit uniform, but our coaches & swimmers make the team -- not the uniform. Besides, our swim caps are uniform & look great w/ any blue swimsuit. If you have a better idea, you are welcome to join our Parent Leadership Team. Please click here for details. We welcome your involvement. Otherwise, your team swimsuit contact is Tammy Brown at