Meet Management

Updated 4/23/17.

Meet Management by Parent Volunteers

All meets require parent volunteers to run them. Specific tasks, shown below, are mostly for one half of each meet. Contact the person identified w/ each task to learn more.

To sign-up online to volunteer in any meet, simply go to EVENT SCHEDULE at the top of this page, select which meet & click "Job Sign-up." This is the same way you enter a swimmer, except you click "Edit Commitment." 

*NEW in 2017* You can now sign-up for any meet as soon as your swimmers are registered.


  • Meet Director – Run home meets & co-lead away meets. General knowledge required. Experience helpful. Resolve issues that arise. Heather Lindstrom holds this position.
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Recruit, educate & direct parent volunteers to their roles at meets. Annick Dupal & John White return to head this task.
  • Scorekeeper – Track results using Meet Central software. Work closely w/ other team’s scorekeeper to ensure fair competition. Paul Campbell & Lori Britt return to this task, while Yong Ma assists w/ technical matters.
  • Starter – Announce start of each race & general PAs. Help home meets run quickly & smoothly. Confident voice required. Darrell Wilson & Tim Cummings are our experienced starters.
  • Timers – 12 parents required each meet. Operate hand-held timing device poolside. No experience necessary. Last year, Margo & Ron McIntire serve as Head Timers to instruct, to guide & to support during every single race.
  • Clerks of Course – 4-6 parents required. Organize & supervise swimmers to starting blocks. Patient assertiveness required. Janet Daniel leads this effort, but needs help.
  • Stroke & Turn Judges – 4 parents each meet. Requires 2-hour online, or on-site training in late May. Chris Fox returns as our Head S&T Judge.
  • Places & Relays – 2-4 parents. Learn quickly verify each race place & relay tags. Cyndi Gusler directs this effort.
  • Hospitality – 4 parents at home meets. 1) Welcome families from visiting teams to home meets to promote good sportsmanship. 2) Provide refreshments to coaches & parent volunteers. Teresa Hulleman leads this effort.
  • Set-up & Clean-up – 4 parents before & 2 after home meet2. Simply sign-up online & show up at the pool.