2017 Registration Info

Updated 5/10/17, 7:45pm

Welcome to the 2017 Westover Waves online registration! 

Please read here for Important Dates, Eligibility, Costs, Orientation, & the "Splash In" kickoff event Saturday, June 3, 1-5pm @ Westover Rec Center & Pool.


  • Monday, April 24, 2017 -- Online registration begins for returning families only.
  • Monday, May 1, 2017 -- Open online registration begins for all.
  • Wednesday, May 3, 5:30-7pm -- Onsite registration option #1 @ Westover for anyone having difficulty online.
  • Thursday, May 11, 5:30-7pm -- Onsite registration option #2 @ Westover for anyone having difficulty online. 
  • Wednesday, May 31 -- Late fees begin.
  • Saturday, June 3, 1-5pm -- "SPLASH IN" kickoff event @ Westover Rec Center & Pool. 
    • 1-2pm, Family orientation & introductions.
    • 2-5pm, New swimmer assessments.
    • $1 Raffle tickets for prizes $5-$50.
    • Swimsuit pre-order fittings & sales.
    • Waves Wear apparel pre-orders & sales.
    • Late fees waived for on-site registration.
    • 1-7pm, Westover Pool open to public
  • Monday through Friday, June 5-9 -- PM practices begin.
    • 6-7pm, swim assessments continue all week for newcomers only.
    • 6-6:45pm, Ages 8 & Under.
    • 7-8pm, Ages 9-12.
    • 7-8:30pm, Ages 12-18.
  • Monday, June 12 -- All AM & PM regular practice schedule.
    • AM practices begin.
      • 7-8:30am, All are invited. Every weekday except Wednesdays.
    • PM practices continue.
      • 6-6:45pm, Ages 8 & Under. Extra dive practice until 7:30pm Mondays.
      • 7-8pm, Ages 9-12.
      • 7-8:30pm, Ages 12-18.
  • Saturday, June 24 -- Registration closes.

See CALENDAR on this website for a complete schedule of events.



  • Age. Swimmers may not be older than 18 years on Thursday, June 1, 2017. Age groups will be determined by each swimmer's age on June 1 -- 6 & Under, 8 & Under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-18.
  • Assessments. Swimmers must be able to swim one length of the pool (25 yards) completely unassisted. Due to our team size, this requirement is strictly enforced. Assessments are made by our adult coaches, with help from our junior coaches in the water for safety. Our adult coaches have extensive experience & expertise. They know what is required to participate & they are ideally prepared to decide whether your child is ready for a positive swim experience, so their decisions are final. You have several opportunities for swim assessments, which may take up to 45 minutes:
    • Saturday, June 3, 1-5pm -- "SPLASH IN" kickoff event @ Westover Rec Center & Pool. 1-2pm, Family orientation & introductions. 2-5pm, New swimmer assessments. 
    • Monday through Friday, June 5-9 -- PM practices begin. 6-7pm, swim assessments continue all week for newcomers only. 
  • Almost. Sometimes children are scared, or nervous the first time out. If your child failed in their first attempt, they are welcome to try one more time on another day; but only once more because we do not want a child who is simply not ready to feel bad after trying their best.
  • If a child fails to qualify, you will receive a full refund (minus online bank convenience charge) & the child is certainly welcome to try again next year. Also, there are excellent swim lessons offered separately throughout the summer by the City of Harrisonburg Parks & Recreation. No appointment is necessary; simply inquire at the lifeguard desk. For more information:



  • REGISTRATION. $85 per swimmer & $250 family maximumAll fees must be paid prior to any team activity, including assessments. These fees pay coaches ($60 per swimmer), league fees ($14) & other necessary expenses (e.g., ribbons, awards, printer ink, etc.). PLEASE NOTE: If the $85 rate would create a financial hardship on your family, do not despair. Please see SCHOLARSHIPS below. Registration fees are due no later than each swimmer's first practice.
  • DONATION. Although the City of Harrisonburg supports our team with free facilities use, we are a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization, ID # 54-1953881, led by parent volunteers. Please, if your family is able, would you consider rounding up your contribution to an even $100 per swimmer? Thank you.
  • T-SHIRT. We want every swimmer to have a t-shirt. Although this is OPTIONAL, you may pre-order one for "current 2017 swimmers only" at our cost, $7 each.  All other Waves Wear apparel & promotional items are sold at retail prices to offset team expenses. Please log into WAVES WEAR to get your order form.
  • SWIM CAP. One size fits all silicone swim caps w/ the Westover Waves logo are provided FREE to all swimmers.
  • LATE FEE. Beginning Thursday, June 1,  $10 per swimmer & $25 family maximum.
  • CHAMPS. There is a $5 entry fee per swimmer to participate in the season-ending Champs Meet Saturday, July 29 @ JMU. The fee includes one heat sheet program per family.
  • PAYMENT. By choosing to pay onlline, you accept the non-refundable, online bank convenience charge. You may pay by check made out to WESTOVER WAVES SWIM TEAM & mailed to: Westover Waves Swim Team, 1830 Manor Drive, Harrisonburg, VA  22801. You may pay by check, or cash in person at either of the on-site registrations, at swim assessments, at "Splash In" kickoff event on Saturday, June 3. Registration fees are due no later than each swimmer's first practice.
  • REFUNDS. Upon registration, a swimmer has committed to team participation & refunds will not be administered. However, if a swimmer has been assessed as ineligible, then a full refund (minus online bank convenience fee) is made promptly. Fees are NOT pro-rated after the season begins.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS. We NEVER want to turn away any child because of money. Our team's diversity, including socio-economic, is an asset our swim families sincerely appreciate. Everyone of us just experienced the Great Recession, so many of us know about extremely tight family budgets. Every year, partial scholarships (i.e., steep discount) are available upon request & approval. In our organization's 30+ years, we have only ever turned down one request. Please contact Team Manager Tony Britt at, or (919) 280-6013. 

The following are OPTIONAL costs w/ third parties, not the Westover Waves.

  • ONLINE BANK FEE. The amount the online bank convenience charge, which we pass along to you, is 30 cents per transaction plus 2.95% of the total. For example, the online convenience charge on a single swimmer registration fee would be $2.81; on a rounded up $100 payment, $3.25. This charge is non-refundable. To avoid this bank fee, please see PAYMENT below.
  • SWIMSUITS. While we do not have an official team swimsuit, we do contract with a third-party vendor, SportFairUSA, that provides our team's annual selection. Please see our "Team Swimsuit" webpage, where you can PRE-ORDER your swimsuit from the vendor that WILL BE HERE for fittings (exchanges & additional sales) Saturday, June 3, 1-5pm for our "Splash In" kickoff event. You may also choose any swimsuit from anywhere, albeit with a few restrictions (i.e., blue team color; one-piece for girls; briefs, or jammers for boys).
  • GOGGLE, KICK BOARDS & SWIM FINS. While we have a few on hand to share, swimmers are encouraged to have their own if possible, but it is OPTIONAL. You may purchase these items anywhere, including our swimsuits vendor, SportFairUSA, but feel free to ask coaches if you have any questions. Lost, or broken goggles are a common problem, so the Team Manager keeps some in the shed for $5 each.
  • POOL ACCESS. All swim families may access the pool free for practices & meets ONLY by simply identifying yourself w/ the Westover Waves at the lifeguard desk. No swimming is allowed during meets.
  • POOL PASS. For swimming during other times, the city Parks & Recreation offers a Summer Family Pass is $60 for residents, $80 for non-residents, entirely separate from the Westover Waves swim team. Of course, this is OPTIONAL. You may purchase a pass at the lifeguard desk. For more information:



Summer swim team is an intensive two-months of activity for the whole family. Swimmers swim, parents volunteer & siblings tag along. You have many questions, most of which the website answers.

Family orientations are a 'meet & greet' for your family & our coaches, the core of our program. Parents hear from & have Q&A with our three head coaches (Chad Gusler, Diane Haldane & Kati Derrick), our other adult coaches (Pat O'Neill, Zsusua Fox, Cara Shrum & Deanna Pelkey), & our dozen junior coaches, who will occupy swimmers with fun, team-building activities. 

  • Saturday, June 3, 1-2pm -- Family Orientation @ Westover Rec Center.


"SPLASH IN" Saturday, June 3, 1-5pm

This is our annual kickoff event in both the Westover Rec Center & the Westover Pool. It's fun because everyone is excited with anticipation for the summer season. It's beneficial because everyone gets pre-season tasks completed at one time. It's great because friends reacquaint & remember fun times. You may even get lucky & win a cool raffle prize! Plus, this year's event falls on Westover Pool's first official day of summer.

  • 1-5pm -- Drop in for as little as one hour anytime.
    • Receive swimmers' t-shirts & swim caps.
    • Purchase $1 raffle tickets to win cool prizes (announced & delivered at Monday's first day of AM & PM practices).
    • Pay registration fees to avoid online bank charge.
    • Pre-ordered swimsuit fittings & sales, along with goggles, kick boards & swim fins from SportFairUSA.
    • Pick-up pre-ordered Waves Wear apparel & new promotional items, purchase, or order.
    • Buy a Summer Family Pass on Westover Pool's first official day of summer.
  • 1-2pm -- Family Orientation, a 'meet & greet' for families & coaches.
  • 2-5pm -- Swim assessments for newcomers only.

That's a lot of information, but it should cover everything to JOIN THE TEAM! If you have any additional questions, comments, or concerns. Please contact Team Manager Tony Britt at, or (919) 280-6013. Thank you!

This is going to be fun!