Rules & Discipline

Updated 2012

Rules & Discipline


Our relationship with the Westover pool is extremely important, so we request that you obey ALL pool rules & ALL lifeguard instructions.


Participation on the Westover Waves swim team is voluntary, thus bad behavior will absolutely not be tolerated. Bad behavior includes any verbal or physical action deemed inappropriate by any coach or parent volunteer. Such behavior will be met with the following sanctions:

  1. Swimmer receives a verbal warning from a coach.
  2. Swimmer must sit out practice, to return only upon coach’s permission, and parents are notified.
  3. Swimmer is excused from the rest of practice and parents are notified.
  4. Swimmer may not participate in next meet and parents are notified.
  5. Swimmer is excused from team for remainder of season and parents are notified, with no refund available.

Parents, we have never had bad behavior escalate to such extremes, and we certainly do not expect it. Communication between you and the adult coaches is the key to success. Parents should never address matters of behavior or discipline with junior coaches, only with adult coaches.