Meet Sign-up: Swimmers

Meet Entry for Swimmers

  • Both parents & swimmers are responsible for meet entry.

  • The weekly deadline to enter a meet is 11:59 PM Saturday night. We cannot accept late entries.

  • Login to Click on the meet you want to enter & follow the instructions.

  • Each swimmer may sign-up for up to three individual events. And may be placed into up to two relays by a coach.

  • Relays are selected on Sunday by coaches based on who signs up for a meet.

  • Coaches are the final authority regarding meet line-ups, both individual and relay events. Swimmers’ scheduled events will be announced at practice on Monday.

At Meets

  • Arrive no latter than 6:30 PM.  Swimmers must check-in with coaches & be ready to swim warm-ups immediately.

  • Coaches, or junior coaches, will distribute each swimmer's schedule of events on an index card.

  • Meets are scheduled to begin promptly at  7:00 PM. Meets consist of a total of 62 total individual and relay events, and must end by 10 PM. Every parent helps make this happen by arriving no later than  6:30 PM.

  • ​If a swimmer leaves without checking in with coach and misses a relay, the swimmer may NOT swim on any relays the remainder of the season.​