Weather Policy: Home Meets


For home meets only ...

  1. Decide no earlier than 6pm start time to postpone home meets. Not knowing whether a meet will be held is stressful on families, so we establish this policy to eliminate some of the guessing game. We realize arriving at the pool at 5pm for warmups while weather is bad may be inconvenient, but it’s the chance we take to start the meet no later than 7pm. VSL bylaws require meets must begin no later than 7pm & must end no later than 10pm.

  2. Lifeguards make weather decisions, not parent volunteers. At Westover, all meet participants must leave the pool area completely; they are welcome to wait inside the Rec Center, or in their cars. Nobody is allowed back onto the pool deck until 30 minutes has elapsed since the most recent sign of thunder, or lightning.

  1. Delays total no more than one hour. Families waiting out delays in a crowded rec center or car is stressful. It helps to know what to expect. Example 1: The meet starts on time at 6:00pm, but weather causes a delay beginning at 6:05pm, resulting in pool deck evacuation until at least 6:35pm – no problem b/c that’s a 30-minute delay. Example 2: The delay continues & the most recent sign of thunder/lightning is 6:40pm, resulting pool deck evacuation until at least 7:10pm – that exceeds one hour, so the meet is postponed to another day.

  2. Allow only one meet re-start. One weather delay per night is enough madness for anyone!

  3. Re-schedule postponements to either Saturday AM at home, or Thursday PM at the opponents’pool, per both teams’ agreement. Both teams must agree beforehand when & where to reschedule the meet. If both teams do not agree, the Waves will hold an intra-squad meet on Saturday AM.