Mini Stars - Handbook




Mini Stars Handbook 2021



All children interested in Mini Stars will have to attend an assessment to determine if they are eligible to be a Mini Star.  All children who are planning on being in Mini Stars must be assessed every year so they can be placed into the best instructional group for their ability.  Their groups could possibly change throughout the season as children grow and improve.  If your child has not been assessed, they will need to be evaluated before they attend their first Mini Star session. With scheduling multiple evaluation times there is no excuse not to have your child evaluated before the first day of Mini Star practice.

There will be multiple assessments before Mini Star practice starts on Monday, June 14th.  Mini Star practice will not begin until after FCPS schools get out.  There is no evening practices before school gets out.

Assessment dates/times

Mini Star assessments will be held the following times/ dates:

Week of June 7th – Mini Star assessments, Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday from 4:00-7:00 pm 

Saturday, June 12th – Mini Star assessment, after time trials conclude, approximately 12:00pm

If you cannont make one of these assessment dates, please contact Coach Megan at [email protected]

**If your child does not attend an assessment session, they will not be allowed to participate in Mini Star practice until they have been assessed. If you can not make any of these assessment times, or if you have any questions about whether your child should be in Mini Stars or the full swim team, please contact Megan Rourke at [email protected]

To be in Mini Stars a child must be able to swim the width of the pool at 4ft with a basic freestyle stroke approximately 20 meters.  All Mini Stars must be registered Vienna Woods swimmers.  Mini Stars must be members of the pool.

Practice - Beginning Monday, June 14th

8:15-9:00 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday- practice in the water with their group

Craft & Snack Fridays 9:00-9:30 *Volunteers needed!!

All children should arrive by 8:00 a.m. dressed and ready to warm up.  All Mini Stars need goggles, towels and girls should have their hair pulled back.

**The practice schedule is listed below.

There will be no practice for Mini Stars before FCPS schools are out.


Parents may wait for their child in the snack bar area or in the grove.  No parents will be allowed on the pool deck during practice.  If you wish to talk with their coach, or me please talk to us after practice is over.  The Vienna Woods Mini Star email address will be the easiest way for you to reach me with questions and concerns at [email protected].

If I have concerns about your child’s behavior or level of cooperation, I will talk to you after practice.  We will work together to address and correct any issues or concerns.

The children look forward to Craft and Snack on Fridays 9:00-9:30 a.m.  We will have a sign up for parents to volunteer for craft and snack; all parents should sign up for at least one of these.  Unfortunately, siblings will not be able to participate in craft or snack.  With 60+ registered Mini Stars it would be very difficult to plan for any extra children.  I will plan and provide supplies for the crafts each week. Parents in charge of crafts will be responsible for setting up and cleaning up the crafts.

The snack each week is typically donut holes and juice boxes.  Parents who volunteer for snack will purchase these items and will set up and cleanup the snack.  Please provide napkins too.

If your child is going to be out of town, please let me know so I can make instructional decisions.



If your child is going to be invited to swim in a Monday Developmental meet I will let you know.  A child will not be able to swim in a Developmental meet unless they demonstrate that they can easily swim the 25 meters freestyle or backstroke.  I want your child to be confident when they swim in a meet and I want swimming in a meet to be a positive experience! 

*The Monday Developmental schedule is listed on the Swim 2021 tab.

I am excited about this swim season.  The coaches and I look forward to working with you and your child.  Your child will make good progress if they attend all of the sessions. 

Other important dates for Minis can be found on the website for regular swim team.  The Mini Stars are encouraged to participate in all of the swim team events.