Cracker Jack Developmental Meet

2019 Cracker Jack Invitational Meet - Sunday, July 21, 2018 at Springfield Pool

This is a developmental meet.  Awards are by age group (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 to 18 year olds).  This is an awesome meet for developing divers.  It gives them a chance to compete against divers of their age only and they give out medals!  Divers who compete at Cracker Jack may not dive in Divisionals (divisional divers are chosen by the head coach and are usually A meet divers). 

Eligibility:  Open to any diver whose current season scores are below the following:

Freshman Girls: 67 Freshman Boys: 65
Junior Girls: 99 Junior Boys: 95
Intermediate Girls: 136 Intermediate Boys: 129
Senior Girls: 155 Senior Boys: 155

Awards:  Medals for places 1 through 6; Ribbons for places 7 and up.

Schedule:  Open warm-ups from 7am to 7:40am.  At 7:40am‌ 6 and under girls and 10-year old girls will be allowed on the boards.  A 15-20 minute warm-up is scheduled before each event.  Events 6G/6B and 10G/10B will begin promptly at 8am.  TIMES ARE TENTATIVE and depend on the number of divers who compete.

Board 1: 

6G 6 & Under Girls 8:00am
6B 6 & Under Boys 8:50am
7G 7 Year Old Girls 9:50am
7B 7 Year Old Boys 11:00am
8G 8 Year Old Girls 12:00pm
8B 8 Year Old Boys 1:05pm
9G 9 Year Old Girls 2:00pm

Board 2:

10G 10 Year Old Girls 8:00am
10B 10 Year Old Boys 8:55am
11G 11 Year Old Girls 9:45am
11B 11 Year Old Boys 10:50am
12G 12 Year Old Girls 11:35am
12B 12 Year Old Boys 12:15pm
13G 13-18 Year Old Girls 12:50pm
13B 13-18 Year Boys 1:30pm
9B 9 Year Old Boys 2:05pm

Officials:  Each pool sending divers must provide at least two judges and two table workers.  Assignments will be posted no later than 7:30am the morning of the meet  All workers must work both girls and boys for their age group.