Summer Camp FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions


What equipment does my child need to bring to camp?

All equipment (boats, paddles, life jackets) is provided. Some campers prefer to use their own life jacket from home. All Summer Camp paddlers are required to wear a personal floatation device (life jacket) while on the water.

What else should my child bring?

Send your camper each day with a water bottle, large snack or lunch, sunscreen, towel, and tennis shoes for land warm-ups. We have no secure storage so please leave valuables at home.

IMPORTANT: make sure you complete your on-line ACA waiver and bring the GHCKRT waiver form with you the first day of camp (links are on the main Summer Camp page). The camp coordinator will be there on the first day of camp to collect waivers.

What should my child wear?

Please have your child wear clothes they can get wet in. Most kids opt for (non-cotton) t-shirts/shorts worn over swim suits/under armor. They may be wet at the end of practice so having a change of clothes handy is helpful. Wearing extra layers if the weather warrants is advised as well.

Is paddling experience required?

Not at all. Every paddler on the Gig Harbor team started out in Summer Camp as a beginner. The campers will be using boats appropriate for their skill level that will allow them to have fun and learn a lot about the sport.

What supervision is provided?

There is both a coach and assistant coach for each camp session to provide instruction and supervision. In addition, we have experienced paddlers helping as mentors for the campers.

What opportunities are there to paddle after the week-long camp ends?

At the end of the camp session, your child has the opportunity to join our Gig Harbor Canoe and Kayak Development Team after discussion with the coaches.  There is also a novice regatta held at the end of summer.

What happens if camp is canceled due to weather, etc.?

Coaches will cancel practice if there are heavy winds or lightning. In such cases every effort will be made to allow an extra make-up practice for the paddlers.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

There will be multiple opportunities during the camp session to talk to the coaches, including our Head Coach, Alan Anderson. You can also contact our Summer Camp parent coordinator, Annette Plymale, regarding camp logistics and general team information.