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On Aug 16, 2019, at 11:06 AM, Kenny Kasperbauer <> wrote:
Hi all,
Hope training is going well. This is part 2 of email 2.0, and there are two orders of business that I need each athlete to complete. 
-Below is a link to a GoogleForm that needs to be filled out by each athlete. It will ask you questions regarding passport information, uniform sizing, boat preferences, etc. It is very straight forward and should not take much time to complete.
-Please complete the survey ASAP, as information such as your passport number, DOB, and full name are essential to booking flights. Aaron has already begun the process of booking flights and needs this information within the next few days. 
-You will notice that the survey asks you to complete the adult course for Safesport. Though the ACA does not require minors traveling internationally to complete a Safesport course, all of the coaches agree that this years group should complete the course for it further establishes a foundation for a strong culture of safety. With that said, the adult course takes about 1-2 hours to complete, so please allot adequate time to complete this before the deadline (Sunday 8/18). 
-As OHR is the last international regatta of the year, ACA's inventory for specific sizes are thinning - specifically for men. I was told that uniforms will be distributed on a first come first serve basis, so be sure to complete your survey as quickly as possible!
Here are the links that you must complete by Sunday
>Safesport Page - 
-Complete and submit the ACA Code of Conduct to the ACA website. 
code of conduct access code - CWDC-RNFK-77PV-KU9J
Please have each of these completed by 11:30am PST Sunday August 18th. 
Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions regarding this email. The coaches will continue to keep you all up to date on what is going on. 
Kenny Kasperbauer
(253) 225-5659
on August 14th Coach Aaron wrote 
Hi all - 
Here is email 2.0.  
We are working as quickly as possible on flights, accommodations and boats.  And I have added more of your email addresses to these newsletters.  
1) website - I have added a tab on the GHCKRT website to help us communicate. I intend to keep it updated with all emails sent so you can check there if you are worried you missed one.  
2) excuse note - I have written a note you may use for school teachers, principals, etc.  It will be on official ACA letterhead tomorrow evening but is posted in plain format now.  
3) I have posted a link to the event bulletin on the website  describing the venue, event and accommodations.  We will be staying at the hotel Lindner.   More info here -
4) we are working on a way to efficiently upload the following - passport photo, code of conduct, safe sport training certificate, and apparel sizing info.  Look for info on all that stuff in the next email. 
5) please get the payment link done as we will need to purchase flights ASAP with that money.  
August 13th Marsh Jones wrote 
I'll echo Aaron's congratulations for being selected to the OHR19 team.  This is likely the largest team we've ever sent to OHR!  You are all on the team because you have demonstrated the potential to be members of Team USA and to contribute to the sport.  This is a great opportunity for you to represent the sport, the ACA and your nation.  Wear your colors proudly and act accordingly!  
As Aaron mentioned, here is the payment link for the next installment:
Please get this submitted as soon as possible.  Please reach out to Aaron/me if you have any questions or concerns.
Again, congratulations on being named to the OHR19 team!
Marsh Jones
"Geek by profession, coach by avocation, sports-hack by obsession"
Athletics Director, Twin Cities Paddlesports
St Paul, MN
Chair, Competition Council, ACA

American Canoe Association

Safety Education – Clean Water – Competition & Olympic Paddlesports

On Aug 12, 2019, at 10:51 PM, Coach Aaron wrote:
Hi OHR Team - 
1) You will be receiving a payment link today. The link will be for 2500, and that plus your deposit will be the majority of the payment required. We will be also charging a third time, when we get closer to the event so we can be as accurate as possible with costs. As stated before, we will be trying to get the costs as low as possible but I want you to be aware the next payment could be up to 1,000. Please pay the link sent to you in the next 48 hours. 
2) You will want to ensure that your athlete has a valid passport for travel. 
3) more info to come! 
List of athletes
Canoe Men
Sean Talbert - Ikaika
Camden Sexton - OKC
Benji Blanck - GHCKRT
Jake Galvan - GHCKRT
Drew Huston - GHCKRT

Canoe Women
Becca Shuette
Helen Schuette 
Zoe Hein 
Kelly North 
Meisi Settle 
Emma Albrecht 
Sarah Grady

Kayak Men
Chauncey Bevin
Jasper Caddell
Jonas Ecker
Colin McMullin
Jackson Plymale
Ethan Vasquez
Ryan Wurts
Walker Peck
Ashby Bodine
Dylan Boeholt
Allen Marsh
Phillip Majumdar
Nate Boyd
Vaughn Shenck

Kayak Women
Kali Wilding
Elena Wolgamot
Sierra Noskoff
Ten Kusaka
Audrey Thiessen
Frankie Kelly
Kitsy Nipper
Erin Rhodes
Tatum evans
Molly spilker



On Aug 1, 2019, at 12:50 PM, Coach Aaron wrote:
Hi all - I am writing because the ACA officially received your deposit for 2019 OHR. 
I wrote some notes below to help you understand how I am planning and so you can anticipate how things will go.
-I will be the team leader and head coach for OHR this year. The competition is in Bratislava, Slovakia September 13-15. Athletes must make deposits by July 24th.
-The team will be traveling on Thursday September 5th and returning September 16th. The team will fly together unless it is your intention to leave earlier to train in Europe(if this is the case I would like you to email me ahead). This is a slightly longer trip than past years, and while I realize this is difficult on school schedules, the reason is that I want to have the best chance to succeed and I believe the best way is to arrive early to acclimatize from travel and train on the race course.
-This year, athletes with birth year 2002, 2003 and 2004 are eligible for OHR.
-We will be trying to rent boats from Nelo. In order to succeed, it is crucial that we do our best to have the right size and type of boats for our athletes. As in past years, all athletes will need to be flexible on boats because we get what we get, but I am hopeful that we will get better selection by renting directly.
-We will have 4 coaches present at OHR so that we can provide the best possible service to the athletes.
-Training - I like winning. The recipe to win is straightforward, but hard to do. You must train. From the time you are selected to the team, my expectation is that you put in 10-12 water practices per week and 3-5 gym sessions. You should be working with your club coach on a program to improve. If you need help with this, please ask(we can provide a program, talk with your club coach, or help you and your coach arrange a visit another club to train if necessary). The coaching staff will expect updates on a weekly basis on your training. If this level of training is not what you have in mind, I encourage you to reconsider applying for OHR. You need not be lightning fast already to participate in OHR, but you must be willing to put in the work.
-Studying - champions are necessarily expert level students of their sport. You should endeavor to understand technique in canoe or kayak to the point that you can point out things on video and readily tell a coach what you are focusing on. You ought to be familiar with not only your own times, but also competitive times (A and B final times and winning times) for each event. You should be prepared for homework assigned from the coaching staff.
-Selection to team - the selection criteria will be posted. In short, single, non distance events in the athlete's age group are considered at 2019 Sprint Nationals in Lanier, GA. Points are awarded for finishes, which help guide the process but other factors listed in the document are really important too.
-Entry selection - Some athletes will be in team boats only. Every other country uses some athletes only in team boats. Being an excellent team boat partner is a skill that all athletes should be working on and sometimes its not the top 2 athletes that work well in a K2/C2/K4/C4.
-Team culture - I like to see athletes working with each other as a team to succeed. Last year, I thought that the coaches and athletes did an excellent job of this and there was a general feeling that we were all part of something bigger than ourselves. I left OHR feeling very hopeful for the USA, and my experiences at Frostbite and Sunburn camp, and now the national training camps have cemented this. I expect all athletes to contribute to this culture. Being a coachable, supportive, humble athlete is important.
-Parents - a special note to you - I am acutely aware that a few of the items I mention above(going earlier, renting from Nelo, having 4 coaches) will likely increase the expense of the trip. I want you to know that I respect the money and time you put into your kids as athletes and that for the most part, the sport has survived in the USA on the dime of hard working parents (a situation that I hope will change soon as we build a national program). Having coached the last 2 OHR trips, I understand that it is necessary to balance the aim of giving the USA the best possible chance for success and the very real financial limitations of families. Please know that we will always be looking for ways to cut costs where able.
-Deposits and overall cost- in brief - if you put a deposit down and are not selected to the team - you will be refunded. If you are selected and then decide not to go, you lose your deposit. If you are selected and you decide to go, then that deposit is credited to your bill. I expect the total bill to be between 3,000 and 4,000 dollars, primarily depending on flights.
-Club coaches - a special note to you - thank you so much for considering sending your athlete to OHR. I believe that strong clubs make strong national teams and I am always impressed with the athletes’ character and motivation from around the country. I feel that club coaches and parents are the real unsung heroes of this project. If you have any questions or need anything - please email me at
-Assistant Coach positions - Going to OHR as an assistant coach is an excellent opportunity to work with kids from all around the country, get a different take on coaching from other US coaches, meet coaches from other countries, and see how these regattas go down. The learning opportunity is nearly endless. It is my view that taking coaches to OHR is a key strategy for coach development and represents a great opportunity to develop more coaches in the US. There is no pay, but flight/accommodation is paid for. There is an application that will be posted for those interested.
-Volunteer parents - I will be asking two parents to help with random tasks in Europe. Sometimes its finding lead fishing weights, sometimes its helping get food for someone with food allergies. Sometimes its doing emergency laundry or finding toothpaste. It will most assuredly not be glamorous work and there is no compensation of any type and its likely that no one but me will remember your contribution. (I just realized I am not really selling this very well! ) After the team is selected and you are interested, please email me. It is necessary for you to be in Slovakia and it really helps if you have a rental car.
-Last, I would like to thank Aasim Saleh for his work and sacrifice over the last several years as the OHR czar. It is not an easy task, and he is responsible for maintaining and building up to where we are now. I think he is an incredible advocate for paddling and he was one of the people who welcomed me to this sport.
Aaron Huston
National Canoe Coach
American Canoe Association