Description of Jobs

Overview of 2018 Management Committee

Team Director(s): Oversees all aspects of swim team; schedules and holds regular management committee meetings; oversees hiring of coaches; schedules meets and social activities; sits on Dewing Park’s pool board.

Obligations Coordinator: Organizes on-line jobs registration; evaluates staffing needs and fills jobs for upcoming season; develops protocol for filling “big jobs” and “pre-assigned jobs”; oversees various subcommittees relating to position. 

Spirit Coordinator: With assistance of relevant subcommittees, coordinates all social and spirit aspects of the team, including socials and parties; promotes team spirit; oversees various subcommittees relating to position.

Snack Shack: Coordinates all aspects of snack shack, including meal planning, purchasing of food and supplies, food preparation and sales; oversees various subcommittees relating to the position. 

Conference Representative: Represents Dewing Park on the WCSC board; attends WCSC meetings and undertakes job assigned to team for Conference meet; oversees various subcommittees relating to position. 

Desk Manager: Oversees all aspects of the desk, including maintaining Hy-Tek database; inputs data relating to meets and times; produces reports (including those used to award ribbons and stars); oversees various subcommittees relating to position. 

Treasurer: Develops and oversees budget for team; tracks profits and losses; reimburses members for team expenditures.

Hiring Chair/Coach Liaison: Heads hiring committee for recruiting, interviewing and hiring coaches; evaluates coaches at end of season; servers as liaison between parents and coaches during season.

Fundraising Coordinator: Oversees all aspects of fundraising for swim team.

Overview of 2018 Pre Assigned Jobs (these jobs do not allow for substitutions and still may require a committee and/or conference job)

Desk:  Computer Input at Home M eets under the guidance of Desk Manager. 

Meet Set-Up/Clean-Up Crew : Handles set up and clean up for all home meets, including time trials and invitational meet; work can be divided among families (e.g., two people for set up and two people for clean up); requires arrival at pool approximately 1 ½ hours before meet begins and cleaning up at pool for approximately 45 minutes after meet ends.

Stroke & Turn: Works as stroke and turn judge at home and away swim meets.

Shepherd: Checks in 8 & under swimmers at beginning of meets and helps ensure swimmers are properly lined up at race time.

Ribbons: Purchases and distributes ribbons for the team.  Makes all family folders.

Photographer :takes photos during the season of all swimmers

DVD Producer:makes and sells CDs of the slide show.

Starter/announcer: Starts the races at home meets; announces events.

Meet Director: work at 7/8 meets during the season to check-in Dewing workers and find on-deck subs when needed.  

Fundraiser Assistant: assist the Fundraiser chair with the Swim team auction and other fundraising activities during the year."