How 2 Sign In

How to Sign In:

For each swimmer, you must sign in or out for all meets this season.  Sign in if you are attending the meet. 

Sign out if you are not attending a meet.  If your plans change, you can modify your commitment up until the deadline, which is usually Wednesday for a Saturday meet and Saturday for a Wednesday meet.  

Check each meet specifically for the deadlines.
If you have special information to share (i.e., “Susie has to leave at 11:00 AM”), you can write that in the Notes text box on the Athlete Event Signup page.  The Coaches will review the notes and make the adjustments.
Be sure to read the special comments about each meet, as the meet information will vary.
Here’s how it works…
1.  Sign into the Dewing Park web site using your personal account.  Use the same email and password you used
for registration.  If you have problems signing-in, contact the Directors, Heather Fontanilla and/or Jeff Pickett.
2.  Go to the EVENTS tab.
3.  Find the meet you are signing-in for (by date).  Click on the "Edit commitment" button.  
4.  This page is entitled: Event Signup.  Find the swimmer's name that you want to sign-in.  Click on the
swimmer's name.
5.  The next page is titled Athlete Event Signup - By Day/Session.  There is a box with that swimmer's name in it
and the meet in which you are working.  Below that box, there is a Signup Record with a pull-down menu.  Pull
down and click on either:
     Yes, please sign (name) up for this event OR
     No, thanks, (name) will NOT attend this event
6.  Below that there is some information about the meet and under that it will say “Please select the
Days/Sessions that this athlete would like to attend below.”  Click the box that says Day1/Session1 for all dual
meets.  When it is time to sign up for City Meet and Conference there will be multiple days to select.
7.  Click on the Save Changes box - lower right corner of page. BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE SAVE CHANGES BUTTON
8.  It will prompt you "Do you really want to submit the changes?" - click YES