Team Apparel

Welcome back Seahorse families! We are happy to announce we will be offering apparel for the 2021 season, please read through the information below if you are interested in showing off your DPST team spirit! Deadline for Apparel is this coming Sunday, April 18th!  

Spirit Wear/Apparel:

  • $10 Free Tee- Back by popular demand is the option for parents to purchase the 2021 Dewing Park "free tee" for only $10, please note that each swimmer receives one as part of their registration. 
  • Masks - We will be offering cotton masks with our DPST logo on them for only $5 each
  • Parkas - Unfortunately, we will NOT be offering Parkas this year due to them taking 8 weeks to custom make. If interested in a Parka, we recommend you look on sites such as or, or even look for a used one from another swim team member. 
  • Items purchased will be distributed to your swimmer at practice, hopefully by time trials.

Swimsuit & Towel Ordering:

This year, you will have the option to order suits and towels (thin microfiber, quick dry towels) direct from Agon Swim, click the link found below for styles and pricing. Team suits and towels take up to 5 weeks to custom make in Spain. They are available for purchase anytime throughout the season, shipping fees will be applied and this year they ship directly to you. 

  • Please note that ordering a team suit is OPTIONAL, certainly not required. 
  • Agon does NOT have sample suits for try on. If ordering a suit, please do your best to use the sizing guide found on its web page. 
  • Speedline Alpha Back- this ladies suit is best for our older swimmers as there is less coverage in the butt/backside than the other options, it is similar to a Jolyn style suit

Dewing Park Swim Team -

Free Tee Size Verification:

We have noticed that some of the sizes picked during registration may be incorrect. Please review this chart and make any corrections. Find your swimmers name and verify the size you wish your swimmer to receive. If you are wanting to make a change, please click the "new size" column and enter the size you wish him/her to receive. 

Dewing Reg as of 4-9-21.xlsx

We apologize that there will not be any try on samples provided this year due to COVID-19 restrictions and there will be no refunds if items are not the fit you were hoping for. Don't forget...… Deadline to order your Dewing Park Spirit Wear is 4/18 so we can start wearing our team colors. 


For further details, please contact:

Sally Lopez- [email protected] or Teri Day- t[email protected]