Board Members

IVST Board Overview

Your Swim Team Board works hard to make each season the best summer swim season possible. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us; our e-mail addresses are listed below. Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome!

Swim Team Board goals:

  • Maintain a positive instructive team environment that promotes our kids development of a life-long love of swimming
  • Transparent communication about decisions and strategy
  • With a team of 200+ swimmers we can't accommodate every request but we can certainly always listen to everyone respectively and communicate clearly.


2020 IVST Board Members

The responsibilities outlined below may be mixed and matched to suit the talents and the interest of the volunteers.The number of committee positions has varied from year to year based on the number of volunteers. Some volunteers may want to take on a job without being a member of the voting committee.

Co-Directors: Eric and Amber Holwell (

  • Overall responsibility for Swim Team operation
  • Active member to IVSC Board
  • Swim team liason to IVSC Board
  • Team Philosophy and Strategy
  • Registration Questions
  • Team apparel
  • New parent orientation

Secretary/Communications: Morgan Karadi

  • Dual Meet Schedule
  • Team recruitment
  • Team sponsor/solicitation
  • Communications including:
    • Website
    • Email
    • Handbook  
    • Surveys
    • Written communications

Volunteer Coordinator: Melissa Brunton

  • Age group events
  • Pre-Conference Spirit Night, Pow-wow, and Pasta feed
  • Awards Night Dinner and Slide Show
  • Parent Dinner - Overall Management (parents sign up to run this)
  • Picture Day
  • Swim-a-thon and other fund raising
  • Coaches Lunches Calendar Management
  • Manage the PWS (Parent Work Schedule)
  • Works with volunteer coordinators to determine tier job requirements
  • Manages parent meet job requirements for regular season, conference, and invitational meets

Treasurer: Phil Cordano

  • Budgeting and Bookkeeping
  • Registration Financials
  • Membership Files
  • All Check writing
  • Snack Shack Financials
  • Raffle

WC Swim Conference Reps: Matt Macomber

  • Liaison between team and WCSC
  • Attend monthly WCSC meetings year-round.
    • Coordinate Conference Awards and Budget
    • Conference rules for season, Conference Meet and County Meet.
    • Data exchange guidelines - dual meets
    • Stroke & turn & starter training coordinator
    • Conference Insurance requirements
    • Swimmer eligibility
  • Coordinate & execute IVST conference meet job - shifts from year to year

The Walnut Creek Swim Conference Rules (PDF) can be found here.

Coach Liaison: Vanessa Fitzpatrick Bratcher

  • Weekly Coaches meetings
  • Feedback from members
  • Conflict resolution
  • Manage communication between coaches and board members
  • Involved in hiring process for new coaches
  • Involved in end-of-season interviews for all coaches

Marketing/Events: Carly Paige

  • Event planning, assistance and communications
  • Team marketing and community info
  • Social media 
  • Ambassador to all things IVST
  • IVST vendor sponsorships