Hog Buddies
Hog Buddies
The Big Buddy/Little Buddy program is a fun Springbrook tradition meant to build relationships and team spirit between the age groups. Being a good buddy is part of being a good teammate.
Swimmers are encouraged to get to know their buddies at Buddy Olympics June 23rd and by cheering for each other at meets and other swim team events. Although many buddies enjoy receiving and giving candy and small gifts, friendship and encouragement is what is most important.
Buddy pairs will be posted at the pool bulletin board by Wednesday, June 22nd, at the latest. Check out the list and join the team for Buddy Olympics June 23rd at 4:00 pm.
Piglets are not part of the buddy program.
If your piglet would like a buddy we encourage you to coordinate on your own with another piglet family to set up a partnership.

The Buddy program is not about elaborate gifts - it is about being a supportive teammate! Below are a few ideas of what it means to be a good buddy:
  • Find out what races your buddy is swimming and be there to cheer them on.
  • Be Creative - Write your Buddy a note, draw a picture, or make a friendship bracelet! Use your talents to inspire your Buddy to swim fast and psych them up for a great meet!
  • Cheer - Watch your Buddy swim at meets! Be the first one to give them a high five, smile or hug.
  • Congratulate - After your Buddy's race, be there to tell them how great they swam!
If possible, let your buddy know when you are going to miss a meet and especially if you will not be able to make Buddy Olympics.
After you sign-up, you will be assigned a buddy who is counting on you. If for any reason you are no longer able to participate, please let Heidi Keely or Pam Severson know as soon as possible.
Thanks and Have fun!!