Meet Info

Our Dual meets are typically held on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings throughout June and July. We will compete in 8 dual meets, 4 are home meets, 4 are away meets. 

Swimmers must be checked in with their coaches prior to warm-ups. If their coaches have not heard from them by the end of warm-ups, they will be removed from the line-up to make room for their teammates and ensure all relays take place. It is recommended you have a coaches cell number in case of emergency on meet days.

Home Meets
Warm-ups are at 5pm for Wednesday meets and 6:30am for Saturday meets. 

Our team will set up chairs and sleeping bags by the program pool. Please arrive with enough time to check your events and check in with your coach prior to warm ups.

Away Meets
Pool locations for our away meets can be found under the pool locations tab above. Warm ups are at 5:30pm for Wednesday meets and 7am for Saturday meets.

Dual Meet Eligibility
To compete in a Wednesday meet, you must attend 3 practices from Wednesday to Wednesday.  To compete in a Saturday meet, you must attend 3 practices from Saturday to Saturday.

If you swim for a club team in addition to swimming for the Sea Lions, make sure your coach knows this. They will discuss your eligibility with you.

Dual Meet Participation

  • If a swimmer has signed up for a meet, the coach and team are counting on that swimmer to compete at that meet.
  • If a swimmer cannot attend a meet that they have signed up for, it is the swimmer or parent’s responsibility to notify the coach as soon as possible.
  • If a swimmer does not inform their coach when they cannot attend a meet and the swimmer is assigned to swim in a relay, the relay may have to be canceled. The events that were assigned to the swimmer also could have been assigned to someone else.
  • If a swimmer is a no-show or does not give sufficient notice when they cannot attend a meet, the swimmer will be subject to ineligibility to swim at subsequent meets, based on their coach’s discretion.
  • Swimmer’s leaving prior to completion of their last event (especially relays) at a meet will be subject to ineligibility to swim at subsequent meets, based on their coach’s discretion. 

For more information on what to bring to the meets and what do do once you arrive, see page 9 of the team handbook