Conference Meet info

Conference Meets

The DuPage Swim and Dive Conference holds 2 conference meets at the end of our season in July. All swimmers will get the opportunity to prepare and swim for one conference meet.  Each team presents 2 swimmers in each event to compete for our teams place in the conference.

Your swimmer will be selected to swim in A or B conference by the coaches. Not being available for B conference may mean their last meet will be our final dual meet. However it is our hope that all swimmers get a chance to swim in one of the conference meets, they are both a lot of fun and we will taper our swimmers for their last meet. If you are not available for A conference, we will enter your swimmer in B conference. 

B Conference - Is scored by the achievements of each swimmers personal best times from the season  swum at the conference meet. Each scores a point for the team. Points for the overall team places (by percentages of best times) carry over to begin A conference with.

A Conference - Is scored based on points awarded for places achieved in each event. Once this line-up is set by the coaches changes need to be petitioned to the conference based on emergencies. Please alert the coaches of any potential conflict prior to committing.