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How to Use the Swim Team Website 

Becoming familiar with the Steamboat Springs Swim Team Web page is very important as a member of the swim team and a fun tool to help follow your swimmer. There is a ton of information on this site for you, and it would be very beneficial for everyone (parents and swimmers) to spend a little time to familiarize themselves with it. Know how to log-in, see up- coming events and news for the team, find group schedules and equipments lists, learn how to view up-coming meets, commit to up-coming meets, find the time standards for championship meets, and see what your recent and past times are. And parents, you can view your billing/account. So please, take some time and review the site. It is each families responsibility to know how to navigate the web page, “commit” their swimmer for meets and to know if their swimmer is qualified for Championship/State Meets. Below is a quick overview to get everyone started. 

Bookmark the Team Web Page 

This is going to be your go to site for all team and meet information, so we recommend you bookmark this site on your computers and phones. You will find yourself going to this site for up-coming meet info, team event information, schedules, your swimmer’s times, Championship time standards...the list just goes on and on. So bookmark this site for easy and quick access! 

How to Sign In 

By now everyone should know how to sign onto the web page. By signing in, you get access to your swimmer’s information. This is an important step if you are trying to “Commit” your swimmer for an up-coming swim meet. 

On the right side of the team page, below the grey menu bar, you will see a tab for Sign In. There is a blue box next to it. Click on that, create a login if you have not already, and sign in to the site. If you plan on going to the site regularly, then click on the box next to, Keep me signed in on this computerand your login information will automatically fill in each time you Sign In (on the same device). 

Once you are logged in, you will see the home screen of the site changes, and pink boxes with Attend/Edit, now show up next to the listed swim meets under Events. This is how you commit your swimmer for up-coming swim meets. 

How to “Commit” Your Swimmer for a Swim Meet 

This is an easy process and can be done in a few simple steps, but the most important step, is familiarizing yourself with the meet you are interested in attending. All meet information (Meets times, schedules, warm-up times, parking, awards, qualifying times** if there are any )are all listed within the meet information packet. 

1. To access a meet information, go to the main home page of the swim team site. In the center of the page, see the up-coming meets list, the meet your are interested in attending 

should be listed here. Click on the blue lettering of the name of the meet you want to attend, and it will bring up the meet information on a separate page. Print this out and read over it carefully. Know the meet warm-up and start times (*important information in deciding your traveling plans), look over the events for your swimmer’s age group to familiarize yourself with the daily schedule. Once you have reviewed this and all looks good for your swimmer to attend, exit out of that page and return to the team home page. 

2. Look again for the meet you want to attend, and click on the box with Attend/Decline. This will take you to the meet page. The meet name is highlighted in blue. If you click on this, it will give you a listing of all the events and sessions. Near the bottom of the page you will see your swimmers name, with undeclared next to it. Click on your swimmer’s name. 

3. This will bring up their “declaration”. Click on the blue arrows, a listing will come up “yes sign me up” or “no don’t sign me up”. Choose which fits for you. There is a place for notes. Here is where you can add...only adding one day, then clearly specify the day. This is not a place to ask the coach questions. Do that through an e-mail. Before you exit this page be sure to click Save Changes. Very important or your commitment will not save! 

Now you have committed your swimmer for that meet. To verify it has worked, when you go back to the home page, the Attend/Decline button has now switched to pink and says, Edit Commitment. Please note, coaches will always pick your swimmers events. Once they are posted, be sure to check them to ensure all looks good. You can contact your coach if you have questions. 

Checking Meet Results and Championship Qualifications

To see your swimmer’s account for meet results, click on My Account. A drop down list of items will come up. Here you can click on My Meet Results. A list of all events ever swam by your swimmer will come up organized, by each meet - most recent on the top. Note, it may take a few days up to a week for meet results to appear. You can do specific searches and sort by specific time standards (Western Slope Championships, State Championships). 

To identify what events you swimmer has qualified for, for a specific Championship meets, click on blue arrows next to the green tab saying Time Standard. Once you find the meet you are interested in, click on the Search button. Every event that your swimmer is qualified for, their time will show in green, and indicate by how many seconds. Those that they have not qualified for will show in brown, and indicate by how many seconds they are away from the qualification. 

Have fun with the website! If you still have questions, there are many parents around who would be willing to give a computer tutorial...just ask your coach for a parent contact. 

Welcome to the Steamboat Springs Swim Team!!