Meet Entry Process

Meet Entry Process

To Follow These Instructions, we recommend opening a new tab with the website while keeping this one open. So, you can flip between the tab you work on and these directions. 

How to Commit to A Meet:

1. On the Home Page of the Website OR the Meet Info Page (Found by Clicking on the Lettering of the Meet which you would like to attend), click the Attend/Decline Icon. 


2. Enter your email or password to sign in. 

3. Click on the name of the swimmer you would like to commit. If you want to commit multiple swimmers, you have to do each one seperately. 

4. Click Select and choose between yes or no. 

5. If No (Meaning you’re not attending the meet), click save changes. You are done. 

If yes (Meaning you commit to attending the meet) scroll to the bottom of the page and click save changes. 

NOTE:Coaches will select all events for your swimmers. Most swimmers attend all days. If you are only able to attend one day please let us know when you select the date. 
Accommodation, meals and mileage costs for coaches will be divided up among all swimming families equally. 
Once the entries are submitted to the meet manager, no refunds for swimmer entries or any coach expenses will be given.

6.  Once you have committed, your status should be reflected under member commitment. 

Congratulations! You have committed or declined to commit to a meet.