Meet schedule

Swim meet schedule 2021

Date   Location Theme   Time
June 12   Swim meet @ Nakoma WSSC Spirit   8 am
June 19   Swim meet @Hill Farm (with Shorewood) Crazy Hats   8 am
June 26   Home swim meet vs Maple Bluff Favorite Animal   8 am
June 30   Home swim meet vs Goodman Team USA   TBD
July 10   Swim meet @ Parkcrest Flower Power   8 am
July 17   Home swim meet vs Hawks Landing Wild West (Side)   8 am
July 24   Home swim meet vs Ridgewood Tie-Dye   8 am
July 28–31   All City Swim Meet      

Warm up times will vary by meet and will be in team emails. Please reach out to Coach Susi if you are unsure.