Weston Pool

Directions to Weston Middle School Pool


All of the Red Waves practices and Home Meets are located at the Weston Middle School, located at:


Weston Middle School

456 Wellesley St.

Weston, MA 02493

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Once on Campus:


When taking Wellesley St (rt. 20) South (heading away from the rt. 20 and rt. 30 intersection) you want to take a left into the Middle School campus.  Make sure you take the entrance for the Middle School and not the High School.  They are next to each other, but the roads do not connect.  If you accidentally go to the HS, you will have to go back to Wellesley St. in order to get to the Middle School.


Follow the road past a baseball field to a parking lot that in the front of the Middle School main entrance.  Right before the parking lot there is a traffic triangle.  To the right of the triangle is a sign pointing out the direction of the pool.  As the sign suggests, turn immediately left, and go through the stop sign.  This will lead you past a softball field to a dead end circle.  The pool is at the end of the circle.  Parking is available on the left side, between the softball field.  If there is no parking you may either do a quick drop-off or park in the initial parking lot.


The pool is a concrete building with two double doors leading to the deck.  Please do not use these doors as the custodians do not want us tracking mud into the pool.  To the right of the double doors, are another set of double doors leading into the brick portion of the building.  Once in the lobby, follow these directions to find the following locations:

·         The Pool – Go past the upward staircase and follow the slight ramp down to the Athletic Center.  At the bottom of the ramp you will see signs for the pool.  Follow the sign.  Hook a left after the ramp and follow it half way down the hall.  Hook another left and follow the hallway to the pool.  Also, follow the scent of chorine.

·         Parent’s Viewing Stands – Go up the stairs and go through another set of double doors.  The stands are to the left.

·         Boys Locker Room – Follow the directions to the pool.  A little before the turn to the pool is an initial turn to the boy’s locker room.  Please use the locker room labeled “Middle School Locker room” and not the one labeled “Varsity Locker Room”.  The boys locker room will lead to an entrance to the pool.

·         Girls Locker Room – Follow the directions to the Viewing Area.  Instead of turning left to the bleachers, go straight through a heavy metal door.  The girls locker room leads to a set of stairs the leads directly to the deck.




Please, no parents on deck during practices and meets, with the exception of volunteers.