Foundational Support
Be Prepared

CYRA Athletes: Be Prepared for Training & Practices

Be Prepared for the Physical Demands

Rowing is an endurance sport. You will be mentally and physically conditioned during practice, just like any other sport, to help you succeed. Physical conditioning will include rowing, erging, running, and body-weight fitness.

Be Prepared for the Weather

Cleveland's weather is unpredictable--but we can prepare for that. Be sure to pack some extra dry, warm clothes. This will help in the event of rain or colder conditions while out on the water.

Be Consistent

It's difficult to row an eight-oared shell with seven oars(wo)men. It's your duty to show up on time and ready to practice. Your coach and teammates expect of you just as much as you expect of them. Consistency is the key to success.

Expect the Unexpected

The bridges around the boathouse are sometimes drawn up by boat traffic passing through on the river. Make sure you either leave early or know how to navigate around such impediments! Familiarize yourself with an alternate route.

Be Prepared Day In and Day Out. Keep the Following Items in Your Practice Bag:

•Water Bottle (refillable)
•Layers- (a bottom thermal layer works well as temperatures change)
•Outdoor running shoes
•Socks (extras are always good to have on hand)
•Before/After practice warm-up clothes
Preferred training/practice gear is: compression (biker type) shorts, tights, and a tank or racer back top. T-Shirts and overlay shorts are acceptable but should not be too long or baggy to avoid getting caught in the
moving parts of the erg and shell.

Other Helpful Items:

•A pair of slip off water shoes/sandals- an open toe type that can be worn with athletic socks is usually best. New Balance, Under Armor, Adidas, Nike, and several other companies make perfectly suitable sandals.

If an Athlete cannot make a practice, the Athlete needs to notify their Coach with as much advance notice as possible. Each individual Coach will tell their Athletes their preferred method of contact.