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FAQs for Parents

Rowing is often said to be “the best thing my child ever did for him/herself”. Rowing teaches the importance of teamwork, cooperation, and the importance of the team over the individual. As always, parents have questions, and we’re here to answer! If you can’t find the answer to your question here, always feel free to contact us for further help!

How can I get my Swim Test done?

Your child can get his/her swim test done at any pool staffed with a lifeguard. Many pools are willing to do this for free or a nominal fee. All you need is a Red Cross-certified lifeguard to administer and witness the swim test. They should not sign if your child cannot complete the swim test.

We take the safety of our rowers very seriously and we cannot afford to be lenient on the swim test standard. Before boat speed, before camaraderie, before fun, before winning, the safety of our athletes is absolutely the top priority at CYRA and at The Foundry.

Can my child row as a part of CYRA?

If your child, boy or girl, is in middle school or high school, then yes, absolutely, we’d love to have your child come down and row with us! After all, “there is nothing—absolutely nothing—half as much worth doing as messing about in boats”.

Any high school student can join CYRA as a member of the racing team and CYRA has learn-to-row and non-competitive programs as well, open to middle school students.

How is my child’s place on the team determined? What can I do to help my child?

Coaches make boating assignments based on a number of factors, not limited to attendance, power, technique, teamwork, and gelling with a certain lineup. The coach will make the fastest lineup possible to achieve the best result possible. While a fast erg time helps, it is the blend of the characteristics endemic to a rower that determines that rower’s success on the water. The fastest rower on the erg may not be the fastest rower on the water.

Rowers may be moved from boat to boat, seat to seat, and even side to side within a practice or from practice to practice. This is the coaches’ way of determining who best fits into what seat in which boat. All rowers will be notified who will seat in which seat in which boat and in which event(s) prior to race day.

The best thing that you, as a parent, can do to help your child, is to be supportive of their athletic endeavors no matter what the outcome. There is no law or even so informal as rule of thumb stating that a 3V rower is less important in determining the outcome of a race than a 1V rower. Your and your child’s contributions to the team are invaluable and we are happy to grow together to achieve more than you or your child might have ever dreamed possible.

Can my child leave the regatta after his/her race?

Generally, no, a rower must stay with the CYRA team at all times until safe return to Cleveland. In all cases, a rower must notify his/her coach before leaving the race site. It is considered good sportsmanship and teamwork to lend a hand in cheering on other CYRA rowers as they race just as hard as your child did.

After races, the rowers are responsible for de-rigging the boats and loading them onto the trailer. Team members are also expected to return to The Foundry to unload the trailer and re-rig either the night of the regatta or the following day so that the boats are practice-ready for the beginning of the following week of practices. This unloading and re-rigging process should take no longer than 45 minutes.