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Welcome to the North Carroll Sea Lions

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Many of you are new to the team this year and many of you are old hats at this exciting

and exhausting fun-filled 9 weeks on which we are about to embark.  For those of you

who have experience in summer swimming programs you may find that this Parent Guide

is still useful, but for any new parents we hope this guide will assist you in understanding 

how our swim team and meets are run.

If the need arises, please feel free to contact the team reps for answers to your questions.

You may also ask questions of the coaches before or after practice, but not during, as they

are extremely busy during practice and swim lesson times. If an emergency comes up, or a

child gets sick on the morning of a meet, please contact Christy Hughes (text preferred) -


Thank you and swim fast Sea Lions!!!!


Christy Hughes-President/CMSL Representative

Nichole McVicker 1st Vice President/ Lions Liason

Jennifer Failla – 2nd Vice President

George Failla - Treasurer

Andrea Loes – Secretary

Megan Grabowski – CMSL Representative

Meet Manager - Open Position

Concessions  - Open Position  


Head Coach: Mike Federline

Assistant Coach:  Cindy Federline


This website is our main tool for communication with our parents and swimmers. You will find

directions, order forms, entry forms, calendars and announcements on our website. We have a family

mailbox which we will also put important information in. Please check it daily.


Lineboro-Manchester Lions Club
MD 22
District 22-W

P.O. Box 27
Manchester, Maryland 21102

Club Number: 8933 - Chartered: 11 October 1945

Lineboro-Manchester Lions Community Pool

4937 Victory Lane

Manchester Maryland 21102

410 374-2570

2020 Pool Membership Fees

Reduced Early Registration-May 2, 2020

(Received or Postmarked by May 2, 2020)

$325 per family

May 3 – May 24, 2020


After May 24, 20202


Per the CMSL bylaws

a.       Membership in the Corporation shall be limited to those pools or pool organizations which

maintain outdoor swimming facilities primarily organized for family recreational swimming during

the summer months. Only children of dues-paying full-family members of such pools or pool

organizations shall be eligible to swim in CMSL competition. A "full-family membership" shall

be defined as one which entitles the head of a household, his or her spouse if residing at the

address, and all children between the ages of 6 and 18 years inclusive, also residing at the

address, full use of the swimming facilities without the payment of any additional dues or fees.

This does not preclude the payment of additional fees for participation on the swim team which

may be required by the pool organization or swim team. Further, no pool or pool organizations

shall have any rules or regulations which would in any way prohibit or discriminate against the

child of any such full-family member so as to preclude the child from swimming in CMSL competition.

Any exceptions to the above requirements must be approved by the Board of Directors by a simple


Welcome to the North Carroll Sea Lions!

Many of you are new to the team this year and many of you are old hats at this exciting and exhausting

fun-filled 9 weeks on which we are about to embark.  For those of you who have experience in summer

swimming programs you may find that this Parent Guide is still useful, but for any new parents we hope

this guide will assist you in understanding how our swim team and meets are run.

If the need arises, please feel free to contact the team reps for answers to your questions. You may

also ask questions of the coaches before or after practice, but not during, as they are extremely busy

during practice and swim lesson times. If an emergency comes up, or a child gets sick on the morning

of a meet, please contact Christy Hughes (text preferred), 717-465-4297.


North Carroll Sea Lions Swim Team started as a small team and has grown each year to a team of

about 100 swimmers. This year we will swim in Division VII of the Central Maryland Swim League.

Children and parents come to the team for a variety of reasons. Some parents want their children to

be active during those lazy, hazy days of summer; some want a low-key introduction to competitive

swimming, while others are looking for continued workouts during the summer to keep in shape for

the more serious winter swimming. Whatever your reason for swimming this year we can promise

you this: You won’t be bored.


The mission of the North Carroll Sea Lions is to create and provide the opportunity for a fun swimming

experience while building teamwork, swim skills, good sportsmanship and self-esteem in a competitive

swim program.


·       Each swimmer is an integral part of the team and has the ability to improve their swimming

skills as an athlete and reach personal; goals through supportive and instructive training.

·       Team building and teamwork are an integral part of our program where both swimmers and

their families are encouraged to be a part of team activities

·       Promoting a love of the sport is tantamount to both the teams’ s and each individuals

success in the pool

·       Swimmers are coached with strong work ethic, support and encouragement.  No swimmer

is made to feel inferior or criticized but rather guided to improve their own swimming skills

and self-confidence in the water


As members of the North Carroll Sea Lions, all swimmers are asked to abide by the following CMSL

code of conduct:

·       Any comments or questions that arise during a meet must be addressed to your team representative

on the deck not the referee. If any parent/volunteer of any team disrupts the meet or interferes in the meet process - the host team rep/meet director shall have the authority to bar the parent/volunteer from entering

the pool area.

·       No team volunteers/competitor shall act in an unsporting manner. This includes any act the

Referee deems unsporting, including but not limited to, the following:

§  making insulting or derogatory remarks, gestures or acts including taunting;

§  trying to influence or showing disgust with Referee’s decisions; and

§  Interfering with meet officials in the performance of their duties.


·       Team volunteers shall be disqualified from further participation for unsporting like conduct. Excessive conduct may result in being ejected from the pool deck.

·       When a volunteer/spectator/competitor becomes unruly or interferes with the orderly progress

of the meet, the referee shall suspend the meet until team representatives confer with the referee

and remove the individual(s) from the pool deck.


Practices will begin on Monday, June 1st, 2020.  Practices are held Monday through Friday, weather permitting.  Swimmers are encouraged to attend at least 3 practices a week.  See the below chart for age

specific practice times:



10 & Under Swimmers

Monday – Friday, 5:00pm – 6:00pm

11 & Up Swimmers

Monday – Friday, 6:00pm – 7:00pm

All Ages = Daytime Classes in July

Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00am – 10:00am

*Please note, All swim team members and families must exit the pool by 7:30pm. 


Please let the coaches AND a team representative know whenever your swimmer will be absent from a

meet. It is assumed each swimmer will be at each meet ready to swim, unless the coaches and team rep

receive notice to the contrary. If you will not be able to attend a meet, or if you will be late or need to leave

early, please let the coaches know by the Tuesday prior to that meet. Our matrix (meet line-up) is usually

put together the Wednesday prior to any meet and submitted the evening before a meet. If an emergency

arises the morning of a meet, and they do, please use the numbers in the front of the handbook and contact

Christy Hughes as soon as you can. Any changes to the matrix must be made before 8:30 am.  Thank you

for your cooperation.   At time of registration, please indicate any known meet absences (06/20, 06/27, 07/04,

07/11, 07/18, 07/25) or none, as applicable.


We operate on a rolling registration policy.  There will not be a cut off for the acceptance of registrations. 

However please note that if a registration form is received the week of a meet we cannot guarantee the

swimmer will be able to swim in that upcoming meet.


Refunds will be administered in the following manner:

Notification given during week 1:

On or before  June 7-Refund 100% of registration fee

Notification given during week 2:

June 8-June 14-Refund 50% of registration fee

No refund given after week 2. 

The $14 AAU insurance fee is non-refundable.


Every time a swimmer on our team improves their personal time in any event they will receive a quarter

along with a slip showing their time improvement. The incentives are given out with the ribbons at the

end of Monday or Tuesday practices following a dual meet. *sometimes it takes us a few more days

especially when everyone betters all their times!   


We are working with a vendor for apparel this season.  Forms should be available (along with potential

samples of apparel) when practices start in early June.  We will email out a form once we have one ready.

If you have any questions please contact Jennifer Failla.


The suit we will be using this year is a new custom suit. This is the first year with this suit. Team suits are

not mandatory, but merely recommended. If your suit fits from last year, that is fine. If you don't wish to

purchase a team suit, any black or purple suit will work. Please see Jennifer Failla for information regarding

ordering team suits.

Swimmers also need goggles and a swim cap is recommended.

You may purchase items from our team website at Swim Outlet.  A portion of all purchases from this link will

come back to the team.  The link is



This year we will have 3 home meets, including Divisionals.  Please support the Concession Stand by

signing up for you nonperishable donation or participating in the Buy-Out option.  We are always

appreciative of any goods you can offer for sale.

The dunking booth is another tool that we use to raise funds, although it is more fun than fundraising­.

During the Manchester Volunteer Fire Department Carnival, which runs June 29th through July 4th,

swimmers take turns as the dunkee in the booth. Parents of swimmers run the booth. They are the

carneys for the night. The booth runs from 6pm to about 10ish, or when the crowds slow down.

We will be looking for parents and swimmers to sign up


Each Friday night you will be able to order pizza for your family and/or swimmers.  This is coordinated

by Jennifer Failla.  You will receive an email early in the week with order instructions.

Any additional ideas should be presented to the fundraising coordinator, Jennifer Failla.



Fun Friday’s are held at the end of practice on the Friday evening before a meet. Friday practices

traditionally include some fun activities. This is a time to come together to promote team spirit. Everyone

joins in for food and refreshments.  

During the Fireman's Parade during Carnival week, the swimmers march in the parade. This year’s

parade is on Wednesday July 1st at 7pm.  More information will be available after the start of the season.

Thank you to Annie Wagner for agreeing to take our team photos again this year.  Date and time TBD

and will be announced at practice and via email. 


This is a party following our Divisional meet. Every family brings a covered dish or dessert to share.

Awards are given out for the year.


In addition to our regular swim meets, we have 2 Championship Meets: Divisionals and Straehle. 

Also, we participate in the following optional meets:

Qualifications for Divisionals:

Top three (3) swimmers (girls and boys) in each age group for each event. Keep in mind that swimmers

are limited as to the number of events they are permitted to swim, so many times, more than the top

three (3) swimmers will attend this event. This is determined by the coaches and you will be informed

if your swimmer(s) will be attending.

Qualifications for Straehle:

Straehle qualifiers MUST meet specific times to qualify for this meet. The times will be posted as the

season begins. You will be informed if your swimmer will be attending.   

Qualifications for Jr. Championship Meet:

A meet where new and/or inexperienced swimmers come together for competition. This is an opportunity

for these swimmers to earn trophies & ribbons. If the swimmer has qualified for an individual event at

the Straehle meet they may not participate in the Jr. Championship meet.  However, a swimmer who

qualifies for Straehle only as a member of a relay is still eligible to participate in the Jr. Championship

meet.  Participation in this meet requires additional fees.


This is a non-league, voluntary meet hosted by the South Carroll Swim Team. This is an opportunity

for our swimmers to swim against other Carroll County swim teams who are not in our division. There

are no relays at this meet.  Participation in this meet requires additional fees.


I know this amount of information may be a bit overwhelming. However, this gives the new swim

family some basic information, which may be helpful to better understand the workings of a swim meet.

It is the goal of the Swim Team Directors, Coaching Staff and all of our returning swimmers, that your

swimmer has a positive and enjoyable experience on the North Carroll Swim Team.

Good Luck to all our Super Sea Lions!!!

2020 Sea Lion Events

June 1

Monday 5:00pm

Practice starts

June 19

Friday 6pm – 7:00pm

Fun Friday/Set up for meet

June 20

Saturday 9am

Home against Navy Jrs.

July 26

Friday 6pm – 7:30pm

Fun Friday

July 27

Saturday 9am

@ Crofton Country Club

June 29 – July 4

Monday – Saturday

Carnival Week-Dunking Booth

July 1

Wednesday 7pm


July 3

Friday 6pm – 7:30pm

Fun Friday/Set up for meet

July 4

Saturday 9 am

Home against Taylor Village

July 10

Friday 6pm – 7:30pm

Fun Friday

July 11

Saturday 9am

@ Hunting Hills

July 15


Carroll County Invitational

July 17

Friday 6pm – 7:30pm

Fun Friday

July 18

Saturday 9am

@ Springdale

July 22

Wednesday 8am

Straehle Invitational @ 4 TBD

July 23

Thursday 1pm

Jr. [email protected] Westminster Riding Club

July 24

Friday 6 pm – 7pm

Fun Friday/Set up for Divisionals

July 25

Saturday 8am

Divisionals @ Home

July 25

Saturday 7pm

End of Season Party and Team Meeting


North Carroll Sea Lions 2020 Registration  

Register online at


Parent/Guardian Name(s):__________________________________




Email Address:___________________________________________


Home Phone:___________________  Cell/Work Phone:____________






AGE ON 05/30/2020





































EARLY BIRD (before 05/02)








































(please check the box next to each notice to indicate that you understand and agree to these terms):

  •         Each swim family must contribute nonperishable concession items for each home meet –OR- choose to pay a $20 buyout for the entire season at this time.  A sign-up sheet will be posted the first week of practice.
  •         Each swim family must volunteer for at least one job for each meet.  If you do not sign up for a job and your swimmer is participating in the meet, a job will be assigned to you
  •         Per CMSL bylaws, each swimmer must be part of a full-family membership at the Lineboro-Manchester Lions Club Pool before the first practice.  For pool membership information please go to
  •         Children under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult/parent during practice time.
  •         Photo Release: I hereby authorize North Carroll Sea Lions Swim Team to publish the photographs of me and/or the undersigned minor children, and our names, for use in the North Carroll Sea Lions Swim Team’s printed publications, website and North Carroll Sea Lions Swim Team Facebook page or other social media.

Parent/Guardian signature:________________________ Date:  _____________________________













Make check payable to: North Carroll Sea Lions by May 31st, 2020

Mail completed form and check to:

North Carroll Sea Lions

P.O. Box 935

Manchester, MD 21102

Volunteers Jobs

There will be online sign ups available for each meet-See below list for volunteer opportunities:

Meet jobs

Announcer (home)

Runner (home)

Timer (home/away)

Clerk of Course (home/away)

Heat Ribbons (home)

Fundraising-50/50 raffle (home)

Certified Stroke/Turn Judge (home/away)

Table Worker (home/away)

Concessions (home)

Set up on Friday night (home)

Take Down (home)

Each swim family must volunteer for at least one job for each  meet.  If you do not sign up for  job and your swimmer is participating in the  meet, a job will be assigned to you.

Printable Version of Parent Handbook