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This tab will be where I post instructions and tips for running your meet.  If you have questions you would like to see answered here, please email me at

A Time File for Download

A Time Standard PDF

Tri-State Records as of the end of 2017 Season

Tri-State Record file for Download.  This file will be updated as soon as possible after a new record is verified.  If you download this record file you should check it against other information provided on this page in order to determine you have the most up to date file prior to running your meet.

Tip of the day (5/21/2018) Ensure that your daily and meet limits match up with conference rules and your meet invitation.  After all entries are in and before you seed or print anything, run an exception report to make sure entries and parameters are matching up.  Here is a link to how to run an exception report for entry limits.  You should share this report with Bob Cummins and the conference VP.