This level consists of structured play, organized games, and fun! All of which emphasizes developing generic movement skills across a range of activities.

Here we teach swimmers the basic concepts of the freestyle stroke. This includes the proper way to breathe, arm stroke, and improvement of the freestyle kick. At the end, with all elements combined, swimmers at this stage would be able to swim a properly coordinated 25-meter freestyle.

Skills to be evaluated:

  • Kick with a board (25 meters)
  • Streamline kick (25 meters)
  • Arm recovery completely out of the water
  • Streamline push off
  • Perform a 25-meter freestyle with all the elements combined (kicking, breathing, and arm stroke) in 30 seconds.

Gear to be used at this level:

  • Swim cap (optional for boys and a requirement for girls)
  • Goggles
  • Kickboard