School of Strokes (Beginner)


Learn to train (Building the technique)
During this phase, we focus on introducing and developing the other three strokes – Breaststroke, Backstroke, and Butterfly. The goal is to build on lessons learned at the previous stages and incorporate new ones. The swimmer at this phase gradually develops endurance and begins combining good habits of the sport that will ultimately lead to a better performance in later phases. Here they learn how to train in a structured environment. 

Objectives to accomplish on this program:

  • General knowledge of all swimming strokes and their components (Start, stroke, turn and finish). 
  • Capable to perform a 100 meter IM with good technique.
  • Basic knowledge of training terminology and methodology (count in meter not laps, measuring heart rate and use of pace clock).
  • Complete properly a 1,500-meter practice twice a week.
  • Monthly attendance should be 80% or above.

Methodology to accomplish the objectives:

  • Dedicate at least 20 minutes of practice twice a week to improve swimmer’s technique.
  • Establish swim meets to participate in before the beginning of the season.
  • Encourage swimmers to have a proper nutrition.
  • Gradually increase swim mileage, which will create better adaptation and an easier transition to the next level.

Gear for training:

  • Kickboard
  • Pull Buoys
  • Fins
  • Swim cap (optional for boys and a requirement for girls)
  • Googles