School of Strokes (Intermediate)



Train to train (Building the engine)
Our main purpose here is to develop the good habits of swimming. The goal is in general, but most importantly, the aim is to combine good technique work with increased endurance. Endurance development will include activities such as high volume/slow speed workouts; or low-intensity workouts. Emphasis will be placed on ensuring the swimmer maintains skill level during times of increasing pressure with long distance training.

This stage coincides with periods of rapid growth and peak endurance gains. The most essential component of this phase is to build and make the “cup” bigger so in later phases it could be filled – which leads to better results. We call this capacity (endurance and good habits) vs utilization (race pace and race strategy).

In this squad, the focus is placed on repetition of skills. This leads to mastery of stroke mechanics and opens the door to mastery of racing skills: starts, turns, and finishes. 

Objectives to accomplish on this program:

  • Increased endurance, as this is the first phase of the sensitive period, it is the best time to develop a good swimming base.
  • Create good habits of the athlete (good nutrition, work ethics, good biomechanics)
  • Use of the pace clock
  • Measure heart rates
  • Intermediate knowledge of training methodology.
  • Race strategy for events.
  • Ability to write their personal goals for each term or macrocycle and how to achieve them.
  • Ability to focus and have fun during practice and swim meets.