Train to compete

The performance squad emphasizes on aerobic conditioning and capacity, combined with speed work. Great focus is placed on shoulder, elbow, core, spine and ankle stability, which will not only help with performance but it also goes a long way toward avoiding injuries.

It is very important at this stage, to work on developing the swimmers self-confidence. Learning how to perform in high-pressure environments is a skill that needs to be developed. During training session the Performance squad will be given situations that they would be required to mimic. It will be explained how to react during these types of scenarios with skills shared for anxiety control and relaxation. This will also refine imaginary skills for competition, through different situational problems and practice strategies. 

Objectives to accomplish on this program:

  • Introduce race pace training to continued endurance work to develop swimmer’s anaerobic system (which will vary depending on age of the athlete).
  • Continue building up on good habits of the athlete (good nutrition, work ethics, good biomechanics)
  • Advance knowledge of training methodology.
  • Race strategy for events.
  • Ability to write personal goals for each macrocycle, how to achieve them and do measurable steps to achieve them.
  • Build up mental strength.
  • Dryland to gain strength and muscular coordination (3x 45 minutes).
  • Promote personal responsibility and involvement in decision-making.