How to Sign-up

How to enter a gala


All gala entries are completed online. You can enter and view entries from the club website.



The basic process and key points are:

1. Gala dates are on website calendar

2. Before an event, you will receive an invitation to attend an event. Invitations are sent out per squad so only enter an event that you have been invited to attend.

3. Coaches decide which squads will attend which galas.  

4. Before a cut off date, you will be required to confirm your attendance by committing to the sessions you are available for (just follow the email directions) It is absolutely vital that once the invitation is sent out that you commit or decline the invitation so the coaching team can plan the competition schedule. If a Swim Leinster gala or National gala parents must also be available to officiating duties (team manager, timekeeping, lineup, PA, Marshal etc).

5. Following your commitment to the gala, the coach will then speak with the swimmers and agree the events to be selected. The coach will select the events.

6. After events are selected, gala sec. will send an e-mail to check entries.

7. It's very important to check entries online.  If any issues (too many, changes of plans and can't be there, whatever - need to let coaches know to adjust entries).  

8. If all looks good submit check to Barracuda Swimming box.  If there is no communication back to coaches regarding events we will be charging for all the events selected. 

7. Should payment not be received before the cutoff date, the club will remove the entry and the swimmer may not swim at the event - this is to ensure that the club are not left liable for unpaid entry fees.

8. Once the gala secretary sends the entries to the meet host, no changes are permitted and no refunds. Regardless of scratches etc, all fees must be paid in advance.