Concession Donations

Sign-ups for Concessions food donations for 2018-19 will be open soon!

We are requesting each family donate a food item for Concessions for one of the following meets:

  • The Coaches Classic (19 and 20 January)

  • Jim Matson JV Championships (2 February)

  • Boys' Sectionals (8 February)

  • Girls' Sectionals (9 February)

A specific list of Concessions donations can be found for each of these meets by clicking on the Meets and Events Tab at the top of the Home Page.  On the top left of the Events Page, select EVENT CATEGORY.  Choose Concessions from the drop down menu and click on the SEARCH button.

To signup, follow the same process as job sign-ups for meets. 

Please note the date requested for the donations to be delivered - some donations will be accepted during practice on 16 or 30 January, while others need to be brought to WTRC the day of the respective meet.  Additionally, please deliver the donations at the time specified in the item’s description.

Please bring all donations to Concessions (Activity Room at WTRC), so the item can be checked-off of the donation list.

If you have any questions, please contact Darlene Whitman:

Thank you for your continued support of our team.  Go Elks!