Volunteering for CHS Swim and Dive Events

As with all athletics at CHS, the time and effort of the athletes’ parents are the backbone of the program. Without the volunteer efforts of our parents, our ability to function as a team would become a challenge.

As in previous years, the volunteering activities of our parents are critically important and are tied in with our fundraising. Most volunteer activities revolve around swim and dive meets that we host. It takes a lot of people (timers, officials, concessions workers, computer operators, dinner workers, etc.) to make the season exceptional for our athletes.

This year, we are fortunate to have been asked again to be a meet host as a site for the biggest high school swim meet conducted in the country - The Classic. The Classic is one of 3 very important swim meets that we will host, along with the OHSAA Sectional Boys DI/DII and Girls DI events at WTRC. These 3 meets will be the major source of fundraising income for our program.  We will earn revenues from concessions, heat sheet sales, and some of the admission funds (Classic).

Each family is required to volunteer for 4 volunteer sessions, and to provide one item for Concessions.  Please note that we reserve the right to increase the number of sessions once registrations are complete and we have an understanding of how large our volunteer pool is.  We are requesting each family to work at least one session at the Classic meet and one session at the Sectional meet held at WTRC.  

Even if your child is not swimming in these meets, you will be required to work at least one session of each meet.

  1. If you have more than one athlete on the team, you will still only have four (4) sessions to work.
  2. If you want to work more than four (4) sessions, please feel free to sign up for them. We are hoping that you find working our meets much more fun than sitting in the stands!
  3. You will notice that we are looking for some specific individuals to head some of the events. Those positions are designated as coordinator positions.  If you sign up for one of those events, you will be provided with detailed information about how the event was coordinated last year.

Volunteering for positions is very easy! To Volunteer, go to the home page of this website.  Next to the Meet or Event will be a button for Job Signup.  Click on the "Job Signup" button and all options for volunteering will be listed.  Check the appropriate box for the particular job you would like to sign up for and hit Signup.  You will then see your information appear next to the desired job.  Empty boxes next to jobs mean they are available for signup. 

Thank You in advance for your support of the Centerville High School Swim and Dive team.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Veronica Hecker.

Volunteering for CHS Athletic Boosters Events

To sign up to volunteer for CHS Booster Opportunities, you will need to go to

Click on the magnifying glass in the upper hand corner of the screen, then Search for a Sign-up.

Type in: in the creator’s email box .

Enter the text as shown on the screen and click Search.

Click on the event to sign-up.

The Friday night varsity football games that we need to provide volunteers for are:
Sept. 1 - 2 spots
Sept. 8 - 5 spots 
Sept. 15 - 4 spots
Oct. 20 - 2 spots

Oct. 27 - 10 spots (this our team's "designated" night)

There will be a sign-in sheet at each event, so be sure to sign in so that credit is given for the session.  If you don’t sign in, the session will not be counted toward your volunteer commitment.

Please note that we will be tracking the number of volunteer sessions that are signed up for, as well as the actual number of sessions that are worked.  It is very important that each family does their part for the team.

Any changes or additions to volunteering activities will be communicated via email.  Thank you in advance for supporting our swim and dive team!