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Parent Code of Conduct

CMAC Water Polo Club
Parent Code of Conduct and Support
In order for CMAC Water Polo Club (CMAC WPC) to train and compete on the highest level, it is essential to recognize that participation in CMAC WPC is a commitment being made by entire families, not just athletes. Our goal is to create a positive environment where athletes can improve their game on a daily basis, both mentally and physically. Therefore, it is important that we outline our expectations for athletes as well as parents. Please read the following and return a signed copy.
1. Parents are encouraged to attend practice and all games. However, parents are expected to remain at a distance and allow the coaches to work with the athletes. Coaches will be available following training to address any questions.
2. CMAC WPC is first and foremost a team, we win as a team and lose as a team, parents should refrain from making disparaging remarks at any of our players, coaches, opponents, or officials. Parents must avoid physical and verbal confrontations before, during, and after all competitions and training sessions.
3. Parents are not coaches; the players will receive their instruction from the coaches on the pool deck, not the parents in the stands.
5. Parents are expected to cheer and support all CMAC WPC players and coaching staff.
6. Parents are expected to have rides arranged for training and competition. On-time arrival and pick-up is essential for everyone. If you cannot be on-time arrive early.
7. Part of our mission at CMAC WPC is to help the athletes develop into responsible, mature young men and women. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the athlete to communicate with the parents any schedule changes announced at practices. As athletes progress in the age groups they will be asked to become more and more responsible for their performance and commitment.
8. Decisions about playing time, travel teams, and other water polo related matters are made exclusively by the coaching staff and are not open to debate. A player should feel free to discuss his/her status with the coach at an appropriate time.
9. CMAC WPC success is contingent upon your support of the program; all parents are expected to contribute to our fundraising efforts.
10. All players must be registered with USA Water Polo to compete and train with CMAC WPC.I have read the guidelines above and agree to follow them.
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