When can I start? Athletes are welcome to start at anytime at CMAC. 

  • Step one to joining CMAC is to go to our website and register your son or daughter. By clicking this link (Athlete Registration), you will start your registration process for Costa Mesa Aquatics Club.

  • Step two is to print out your registration form and go to our (Water polo Calendar) page to find out when and what time your team is practicing. Make sure when you come by (even if you’re just here to check out our club) to introduce yourself to our friendly CMAC coaching staff.

  • Step three is to sign up and become a member of (USA Water Polo). This membership will allow your athlete to participate in all tournaments and practices.

  • If you don’t have time to stop by and ask questions feel free to visit our (Coaches/Directors) page and email any of the Coaches and or Directors with concerns you may have and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience. Our water polo seasons and fees are split into four quarters throughout the year. Join at anytime!

What if I want to join in the middle of a season? If you join during mid-season or later we will prorate the price to the appropriate fee.

Is your club seasonal or year round? 
CMAC is a year round club and we encourage players not to take breaks in-between sessions. This is highly encouraged so that players can stay in their tip top shape and continue to improve their water polo skills throughout the year. However, CMAC is divided into 4 different quarters Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Thus, it is generally split into four payments; players are always welcome to sign up any day they would like.

What are the different quarters? The Youth programs compete quite a bit in the autumn and summer sessions. Winter session is more about fundamentals and development of the youth and less competition. 


  • Fall: This quarter includes September through November, as well as the first 3 weeks of December. This session we are starting to change from competition training and transitioning to fundamentals training. The second half of this session we are mainly working on our fundamental and swimming condition. There are a few big tournaments in the beginning of the session we will enter our team in and finishing up with a few developmental leagues.

  • WINTER: This quarter includes the second week of January through March. This session we are starting our main fundamental portion of training with the second part of the session moving into competition training. This being said, we will transition to more water polo drills, scenarios, and scrimmages, while still emphasizing the fundamentals we have been working on. We have one developmental league this session and also some big tournaments including Winterfest.

  • SPRING: This quarter includes March through May. We are now into our main portion of fundamental competition training. We will be focusing on more water polo drills, scenarios, and scrimmages while still emphasizing the fundamentals we have been working on in the pervious sessions. This session we are gearing up for Junior Olympic qualifications, which are near the end of the session. This will be the biggest tournament of the session.

  • SUMMER: This quarter includes June through August. We are now into to the meat of our competition training. Focusing on a lot of game time experience for the athletes. We will be competing in many tournaments/Scrimmages during this session. With our main tournament coming at the end of July begging of August being Junior Olympics (if our teams are able qualify).


What are scrimmages and tournaments?
Scrimmages: Are included in practice, set up and refereed coaches for development of their players. All players typically get the same amount of playing time, and no score is taken. We recommend all players attend scrimmages.

Tournaments: Have a fixed cost (not included in quarterly/monthly dues) for an entire weekend, when signing up make sure you are fully committed to the entire tournament. These events are organized with referees, score tables, and the use of clocks. Our biggest goal for all tournaments is for the athlete’s to have the maximum enjoyment while participating. Every tournament we enter our teams into we are looking to end the tournament in the championship game. Often times some players will see more playing time than others on a game to game basis.  We will only enter tournaments if we have full commitment from everyone in your Childs age group. Most tournaments have limits on roster space and we will not exceed that limit. Each participant of a tournament must be registered with USA Water Polo.  All information about tournaments are posted on the Events Page, and will be emailed to your family weeks in advanced. 

What is USA Water polo? USA Water Polo is the largest organization in the United States that sanctions non-scholastic water polo competition. USA Water Polo has around 500 clubs and offers multiple playing opportunities including our National Championship events and the ability to sanction events at the zone level. In order to compete in a National or sanctioned event with one of our registered clubs, athletes, coaches, and referees must be current members of USA Water Polo.

There are many benefits of being a USA Water Polo member. Once you become a member, you will have your own online account. Within your account you can perform multiple functions including; keeping your contact information up to date, renewing your membership, printing a temporary membership card, upgrading your membership, changing club affiliation, and creating your own recruitment profile. Please note ALL memberships are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

How much does CMAC Cost? Fees are subject to change. Our Fees range from $300-$475 per Session.  The total investment in water polo per year is about $1,300-$2,000 including gear.  Trips and travel can add to this.  All CMAC athletes are required to be members of USA Water Polo, which also has annual dues.  In addition, CMAC encourages their athlete to wear CMAC attire to all games to make the teams more unified.

What if we can’t afford to join? No player at CMAC has been denied playing because of true financial difficulty.  If you have trouble with the dues and fees, please contact Jose De La Jara for a scholarship application there are many creative ways to work off payments. Many of our athletes who are on scholarship participate by assisting with coaching, working the pool, or jumping in the water and showing new athletes fundamentals of the game. Parents can repay the club with the gift of their time, helping organize events, and being at tournaments CMAC hosts. A families’ scholarship can be adjusted or revoked at any time upon the club administrator’s discretion.  

Does CMAC offer a High school program? High school players from all over Orange County can find CMAC as their new home for off-season. We encourage our players to swim competitively to improve their speed skills in water polo.  Just check the Calendar section of our website for practice times and get a sense of the flow. Feel free to show up at the practices and say hello to the coaches.  Many of our coaches biographies and contact information are available on the website in the tab labeled Coaches/Directors.