Parent Meeting Notes


Team Meeting October 7, 2015


SPA League


Please make sure that we get the players to the games as we consider a development league for the kids to get playing times.

Please take into consideration that the age is 8/1/2016 as the date of the players age for the Age Verification. We have asked for exceptions, but please be aware that major tournaments (Cousineau, Turbo, Kap7) use the date of 8/1/16.


Cousineau Cup


October 17th and 18th.

We will not be hosting this tournament this time, the tournament will be played around OC pools.

Age of tournament will be 8/1/16. Must be USWP registered.


Swim for Waterpolo Players.


We will be adding a Swim specific component for all the Waterpolo players.

On Mon and Wed from 4:30 to 5:30 all Waterpolo players can swim extra to develop more endurance. This will be done with CMAC Swim.

Please register with COST will be 30 for the month.

Also they will be able to compete in the Intrasquad meets once a month at CMAC.

Coaches are really encouraging this as the stamina will be improved greatly.


New Zealand Water Polo


CMAC has been invited to play in the Pan Pacific water polo tournament in Auckland New Zealand from July 13th to July 22nd. We are hoping to send 2 to 3 teams to this tournament. Ages for the teams will be 18u and 14u for Boys and Girls.

We are expecting a cost of $3200 per player including all accommodations.

If we don’t make it this year, we can try to do it in 2017.