Volunteer Requirements

Unlike many sports, swimming and diving are parent/volunteer-run sports.  All meets and functions are run by our volunteers.  Our parents and volunteers are the heartbeat of our team!  We thank you for your support and your hard work to ensure that each swimmer and diver has an amazing experience!

  • All families with a swimmer or diver on the team must volunteer for three jobs.  These can be any combination of swim meets, dive meets, prelims, or other events that require volunteers.
  • Families that only have swimmers in the swim or dive Academy must volunteer for two jobs.  
  • If you have a child that qualifies for dive conference, you must work at dive conference.  Dive conference volunteer jobs will count towards the required 3 jobs
  • Please arrive on time for your volunteer shift and be prepared to be on your feet and in the weather (usually HOT!).
  • Failure to complete work assignments will result in your credit card on file being charged $100 per unfulfilled volunteer requirement during the first week of August. If you do not pay swim team fees by credit card, you must write a check for $300 that will not be cashed unless you do not fulfill your work requirement. If you satisfy your work requirement the check will be securely destroyed at the end of the season.