Employment Oppty

Minnetonka Aquatics

Minnetonka Aquatics employs more than 75 people throughout the year as coaches, lifeguards, and instructors.  All job openings are posted at:


Positions typically are availble for the following:

  • Coaches. Typically staff is needed on a year-round basis. Full time and part time positions. 

  • Fitness Instructors (i.e. water aerobics). Part time positions.

  • Lifeguards (Certified). A small number of life guards are maintained during the winter; summer employment for local beaches is hired from March to June.  Part time and mostly seasonal positions.

  • Learn-to-Dive Instructor. Part time position; currently spring and summer.

  • Learn-to-Swim Instructors. Part time positions; coincide with session offerings (fall, winter, spring, and summer lessons).

Questions? Contact Aquatics Director Dan Berve at [email protected]