Minnetonka Aquatics, a national standard for community aquatics, will support and promote education, wellness, competition and safety by providing excellence in programming and outstanding facilities for all ages and abilities in the Minnetonka School District and the broader community.


We believe:

  • The aquatics facilities and programs are a strategic asset for everyone in the Minnetonka School District and surrounding communities.

  • Aquatics is a unique endeavor with many diverse components and requires specialized focus and expertise to reach its full potential.

  • The benefits of participation in aquatics include life-long skills as well as physical, social and emotional wellness; you can be in it for life.

  • Access to excellent pools and programs will promote water safety and save lives.

  • Aquatics success is dependent upon common vision, shared decision-making, community partnerships, open communication and collaborative respectful relationships.

  • Volunteers are essential to the success of our programs.

  • Community outreach is the right thing to do to meet the needs of the community.

Guiding Principles

  • We will demonstrate equal respect for all programs and users.

  • All programs and facilities will meet our high standard of world class excellence, quality and safety.

  • We will maintain a focus on education.

  • All aquatics programs will seek to understand each others programs.

  • Vision, strategy and leadership will be informed by national level best practices.

  • Individuals with responsibility for carrying out the mission and strategies for aquatics will be knowledgeable and passionate about aquatics.

  • The scheduling process will be collaborative and flexible, and seek outcomes that provide the best overall benefit to maintain programming excellence for each program.

  • Effective internal and external communication is essential and will be a foundation of the District’s aquatics programs.

  • We will make all decisions based on the best interest of our program participants and in fairness to all.

  • Maximum utilization of aquatics facilities will be a top priority.


  1. We will generate and be stewards of sufficient resources to achieve our mission and insure excellence in aquatics programming and facilities.

  2. We will effectively market to expand programs and enhance the district and community image as a national standard in community aquatics.

  3. We will establish safety, scheduling, and facility use protocols that are collaborative and flexible and that seek outcomes that maintain programming excellence for each program.

  4. We will collaborate to strengthen all aquatics programs, expand opportunities, reach out to new audiences, and begin to achieve the high standards set forth in our mission.

  5. We will be recognized as a national standard for community aquatics.