Splash Ball

Winter and Spring Splashball/Jr Polo 2018


Hello to all. Here are the dates and info for the coming winter and spring sessions. We are continuing to grow and I am excited to see young athletes now moving up to the other age groups. That means we have lots of room and possibilities for new people. Please share your love for our program with others and let’s kick off the new year with a fresh set of faces to join our regulars. We will also hopefully have 2 more opportunities for scrimmages in the new year. 


We offer a one time free trial to all newcomers. After that you will need USA Water Polo membership, club fee, and the 4 forms that you can find online at:


Create a Basic Account with Credit Card information so you can be billed.  If you have already created an account then you can just skip this part.


You can now pay online with your credit card if you have a card registered with your online profile. Just email Narrows at:

And tell us what you are registering for and the amount of the class, and that it is okay to bill it on your card. 


Here are the dates for our 2018 Sessions: classes will be at The Gig Harbor High School Pool on Saturdays. 



10:30-11:30am for Splashball

10:30-12:00pm for Jr Polo


Dates and Cost:  


Winter Jr. Polo and Splashball

8 classes




No practice: 2/17 and 3/17



Jr polo - $125

Splashball -$90


Spring Jr. Polo and Splashball

8 classes





No practice 4/7 and 5/19 and 5/26



Jr polo - $125

Splashball -$90


You can email us to charge for both sessions at once if you choose. 


For additional information and forms please check out our website at the link above. Let us know if you have any questions.  I'll see you soon. 


Diana Litsch

NAA Youth Director