NSC Fee sheet


NARROWS SWIM CLUB - One page fact sheet


Head Coach:  Aaron Huston

Asst Coach: Jeff Miller

Asst Coach: Mike Kelly

Asst Coach: Hugh Oake

Asst Coach: Bonnie Martin

Asst Coach: Taylor Indahl


Training Location – GHHS pool, PHS pool as needed

Training Season – approx: September 11th – August 20th

Training Schedule for the first 10 weeks:

  • Monday - Friday 7-9 for 13&over, 7-830 for 12u.  GHHS pool
  • Saturday 12:30-2:30pm​ GHHS pool. 



1) All members of NSC must pay an annual registration fee of $110 which gets them membership with USA Swimming, an NSC t-shirt and an NSC cap. 

Monthly Dues:

1) 13 & over Competitive Swimmer: 190/month. 

2) 12 & under competitive Swimmer: 140/month. 

3) NAA Water Polo athlete -140/month (must be concurrently enrolled in NWP program)

4) High school aquatics athlete – 90/month


                        a.  Athletes/families must commit to a minimum of 3 months with NSC

                        b.  Athletes will only get reduced rate for the months that they are                                                              involved with NWP and/or High School aquatics.

                        c.  Athletes who pay dues to NSC throughout the 10 months from sep                                                 15th-June 15th will get the last month for free. 

                        d.  All athletes are expected to compete in meets. 


Meet fees – The average athlete will attend between 6-8 meets and they cost about $40 each. 

Equipment – An all black team suit will be required for practices and meets.  Goggles, fins, snorkels and hand paddles are also required.  (Note that there are some fins available at the pool but most swimmers like to have their own.) 

Fundraising -- There is no annual fundraising requirement

Volunteer hours -- There is no volunteer hours requirement.