Required/Recommended equipment
1. Competition:
Your athlete will need a team suit to wear during competition.  Girls will order the Arena "Madison" suit and boys will order the "board" jammer or the Arena brief suit on our site.  
Do not wear your competition suit to practice, these suits should be for meets only. Competititon Suits are expensive and will wear out quickly.
2. Practice Suits:
Swimmers may wear the suit of their choice in practices. 
3.  Practice Gear:
Recommended gear for practice includes snorkel, fins, kick board, pull buoy, and hand paddles.
A) Fins -      12 & under we use full size fins and there is an option in our store but you may purchase any brand of these as long as they are full length.  There are a number of fins you may use at the pool, but most swimmers choose to get their own.  13 & over - you will purchase the Arena powerfin pro.  
B) pull buoy - athletes should have their own pull buoy and we like the FINIS model because it holds up well and is affordable.(as a side benefit - it is in our team colors!)  Swimmers 12 and under can probably use a junior model... both are available in the store.  
C) Paddles - Finis freestyler paddles are the model that we use at NSC because they emphasize technique and do not put too much strain on athletes' shoulders.  The junior size should be used by athletes shorter than 5'4.  
D) Snorkel - All athletes on our team would benefitfrom having a snorkel.  We use the FINIS "Swimmers swim snorkel"  and athletes under 12 can use the junior version.  
E) Kick board - All athletes benefit from having the FINIS alignment kickboard.  
4.  It takes a village!
By ordering off our swimoutlet store, A) you get the best deal on stuff, and B) our team receives a rebate that allows us to do more great things for the team.  Make sure you order through this site:
If you happen to be ordering things not in the store - just put our team code in while you are checking out... our code is 14895
If you have questions on the site in relation to the team offering, please contact Greenane Davison 847.687.1015.