U14 Water Polo


Welcome to the Narrows Water Polo U14 program website!  


What - An exciting program for kids age 10-14 to learn the fundamentals of water polo. 

When - We practice Tues/Thurs 630-8pm at PHS pool, and Saturdays 1030-Noon at GHHS pool.   We also offer drop in games for invited athletes(there are big kids there so athletes must be able to swim well and have reasonable ball handling skills)  Note that kids who are still working on their swimming will get out of the water 30 minutes prior to the end of practice.  

Who -  Coaches are Katya Andren, Aaron Huston, Sydney Hoover and Katie Ward. 

How - email us at [email protected] to arrange a free trial. All our members must be registered members of USA Water Polo.  You can obtain a free 14 day membership to USA water polo on their website.  

If you decide you want to join our program, simply go on to our website and register under "Junior Polo".  You also need to get a year long membership to USA water polo.



Frequently Asked Questions - 

Q - My kid doesn't swim that well, what should I do?

We require that kids entering our program can swim 25 yards comfortably.  If they cannot do that, we recommend swim lessons either through PSD or the YMCA.  If they can swim, it is still likely that they may have to work on their swimming.  We offer co-membership with narrows swim club, where they can attend swim practices on the off days.  Ask us more in person! 

Q - What equipment do I need?

All swimmers need to have a competition swimsuit, ie jammers or speedo for boys and one piece polo or competition suit for girls.  We prefer black.  They should have goggles for our warmups.  See our equipment page for more information. 



Narrows U14 Water Polo 
Coach - Katya Andren                     Coach - Aaron Huston
Asst Coach - Katie Ward                  Asst Coach - Sydney Hoover
Asst Coach - Jeff Miller                    Asst Coach - Mike Kelly
Training Location – GHHS and PHS Pool
Training Season – approx: Mid September – Mid August 
Training Schedule :
  • Tues/Thurs 630-8pm at PHS Pool 
  • Saturday 1030
  • Friday 9-10pm GHHS pickup games -for 14 and up(younger by coach permission)
1) Registration with Narrows Polo:
All members of NSC must pay an annual registration fee of $50 which pays for team equipment and gets them a narrows polo t-shirt.  Registration is done on our website
2) Registration with USA Water Polo -
1) All athletes must be members of USA Water Polo.  This is mandatory for insurance and other reasons.  
3) Monthly Dues - Monthly dues are set at 90/per month. 
Equipment – Narrows provides all balls and water polo caps.  Athletes must have an adequate suit, swim caps for those with long hair, goggles, and water bottle.  
Fundraising -- There is no annual fundraising requirement
Volunteer hours -- There are no volunteer hours requirement.