U14 equipment

Narrows U14 Water Polo Equipment FAQ


Narrows Polo provide water polo caps and balls to use during practice. 

Athletes should have - 

1) correct suit - a speedo or jammer style for boys and a one piece competition suit for girls.  We encourage black suits.  Special water polo suits are fine but not strictly necessary.  

2) Goggles - we do some swimming with goggles for conditioning. 

3) Swim Cap - All athletes with long hair need to wear a swim cap.  

4) Weight belt - all athletes that have mastered egg beater(talk to your coach to see if you are ready) are encouraged to obtain a personal weight belt to bring to each practice.  We use the Kap7 weight belts, red for 5lbs.  available at this link -

5) water bottle.  Anything is fine to keep at poolside.  I have found plastic to be best. No glass is permitted. 

Optional -

6) Ball - Its nice to have to practice with at home but not necessary, in particular a ball is not needed at practice and athletes are discouraged from bringing their own ball to practice. 

7) Rebounder - to practice passing and ball control at home.  The best model is made by Kap7 and costs around 100.  

All equipment should be clearly labeled with athletes name.