The New Holland Swim Team Board

The Board exists to serve the team and is generally made up of parents of swimmers (past and present) on the team






1)  Personally attend, or assign a substitute so that NHST is properly represented at all Lancaster Summer Swim League (LSSL) meetings.

2)  Serve as liaison between NHST and LSSL.

A. Communicate all necessary updates and new information to the board, officrs, coach(s) and/or parents as needed and required.

B. Bring to the attention of the LSSL any NHST concerns or pertinent information as needed.

3)  Compile the agenda and facilitate meetings with the board, officers, coach and/or parents.

4)  Act as liaison between the board, officers, coaches, and parents.

5)  Appoint a chairperson(s) (as needed) to the appropriate sub-committees and oversee the functioning of those committees.

6)  Make it a priority to attend swim meets. Be visible and available for parents, coaches and board members.

7)  Recruit adequate volunteers for set up and tear down for all home meets

8)  Send a letter to Leo Ward (Pool Manager) to request permission to use the New Holland pool for practices and home meets.  Copy Dick Fulcher, New Holland Borough Manager.

9)  Oversee Sponsorship both personal and corporate.

10)Ensure all board members are following through with their job responsibilities.

11)Work out contract agreements with Head Coach and Assistant Coach(s).

12)Oversee end of year account audit with Treasurer.

13)Contact the Farmers Parade and oversee float.







1.  The Vice President will take over duties of the President in the President’s absence.

2.  The Vice President will attend a majority of the scheduled dual swim meets and scheduled board meetings.

3.  The Vice President will also be available to the general membership of the NHST for input and suggestions involving the team and its members.

4.  The Vice President will either travel in place of the President to any required LSSL meetings should the President be unavailable to attend.

5.  The Vice President will be our Compliance officer, overseeing that the team is following our By-Laws, rules, and LSSL swim meet rules.

6.  The Vice President will oversee our inventories of shirts, ribbons, and products needed for our swim teams.

7.  The Vice President will oversee the swim team’s property, such as but not limited to: lane lines, shed, stop watches and the shed contents.

8.  Work with Treasurer on Insurance policies.

9.  Any other jobs assigned by the Presdient.





1.  Reports on the balance and financial status of the team.

2.  Records all monies received for team and related fees.

3.  Pays all bills incurred by the team for planned and budgeted expenses. Submits all checks to President for 2nd signature.

4.  Retains budgets and actual expenses from previous years for comparison purposes

5.  Closes books at the end of the year.

6.  Oversees end of the year audit with President.

7.  Maintains a current roster and list of those swimmers in good standing.

8.  Co-owner of team accounts along with President.

9.  Maintains electronic (when available) and paper back up of all financial records and sees that they are stored in an alternate, safe location.

10.         Collects outstanding payments and fees.

11.         Updates Insurance policies.

12.         Complies with governmental reporting.

13.         Any other job assigned by the President.






·         Acts as liaison between the NH Borough office and the board/swim team. Be in contact with the borough secretary.


·         Be the point person for the yearly suit try-on night for all swimmers. Contact T&T Swimming Tom Martzall (owner).


·         Oversee all Fundraiser activities.


·         Work with Vice President to offer a new line of clothing to the swimmers and parents.


·         Oversee the end of year team gift.


·         Act as liason for the Garden Spot School District superintendent, Dr. Robert Hollister, to request his approval for a hand-out for all of the district elementary school students to receive a flyer advertising the New Holland Swim Team (flyers should be handed out about 2 weeks prior to registration).


·         Contact swim officials for all of our home swim meets.


·         Schedule lifeguards who are interested in guarding our home swim meets as well as the guard who is paid to be on duty during ALL of our practices – this includes the pre-season times as well.


·         Oversee the starting system and take it home over the winter so that it is not in the shed over the cold winter.


·         Be available to help at swim meets, or provide fill-in help in the event that a scheduled parent cannot participate in his/her assigned task for that evening.


·         Any other assignments given by President.


SECRETARY, Jennifer Horning


610-698-6638 or [email protected]


1.Oversee swim team web site.

2.Take notes from board meetings and distribute them to parents.

3.Publish registration:

                        Advertise in Penny Saver (Newspaper Article)

                        Advertise in New Holland Borough Newsletter (Borough Newsletter)

                        Advertise in Sunday News – Sports Section – Scene

         Distribute flyers to schools – Must get permission from District Superintendent – New Holland, Brecknock, Blue Ball - #’s are on District website. (School Flyer)

                        Distribute flyers to daycares, library, etc.

Send newsletter to previous year’s roster families with registration information – via e-mail along with registration forms

4.Contact location for registration.

5.Forms for registration night:

                        Registration form

                        Health form

                        Medical Release form

                        Important Dates/Meet Schedule

                        Parent and Swimmer Code of conduct form

6.Collect forms – checks go to Treasurer – file forms in file box.

7.Create parent roster, swimmer roster, driving directions.

8.Create roster for Lancaster Summer Swim League; make one copy for each team and one copy for Overlook.  Take to start-up meeting in June.  Must be printed on form provided by league.  President will get all the roster forms at the start-up meeting in April.

9.Take swim results to Overlook Pool after home meets.  Must be at Overlook with 24 hours of meet. (Sometimes the Coach does this if he wants to get other teams’ times)

10.  Call Lancaster paper (291-8666) directly after meet with results from home meets – Division II Results.

11.  Send meet results to Penny Saver. (Results) – E-mail them to Greg Schneider – [email protected].

12.  Schedule team pictures.

13.  Find someone for 50/50 raffle sales.