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Letter Writing 2016 Donors

Thank you very much to the donors listed below for contributing to our 2017 Letter Writing Campaign!  

Your generous donations enable the success of our rowers by helping pay for essential, major equipment.  Your donations support a new Swift Quad shell, new Modified oars, a 40 HP launch engine and our new regatta tent.

Updated July 22, 2017 - Thank you and tax acknowledgement letters have been mailed to all donors listed below.

$300 and Above

Martha Hall
Michael Raymond
Susan E Farley
Peter M McManus 

$150 to $300

Alfred Sive
Laura Mirkovic
Dina & Dan McManus
Linda Maguire

$75 to $150

Martin Finn
Sunkyung Myung
Theresa Cahill
James and Phyllis Christoff
Adrien & Pat Cote
Susan Mastroianni
Courtney Lees
David M Coppola, DDS
Jeffrey T Snell
Blue Ribbon Restaurant
Diane & Ray McGowan
Lisa and Michael Hayes
Amy Pfaffenbach
Michael Hall
Frank and Mary Schmidt
Morris Siegelman
Bruce Jordan
Alexi & Betty Lekkas
Sarah Coster
Brion & Melissa Raymond
Carolyn &Christopher Welch
Damien Rodriguez
Brendan Quinn
Elizabeth Bede
Jack & Joanne Maloy
Nancy & Alfred Fox
Carenet Medical Group
Eugene & Susan Dolce
Don Palmer
Alan Richard
Patrick Kernick
Irad & Jan Ingraham
Christopher Liguori

$50 to $75

Marilyn Salamone
Joan Jansson
Theresa Munch
Matt & Lindsey Battiste
Richard & Joanne Gascoyne
Nicole Yeager
Debi Motler
Elaine Thomas
Steve Stoessel and Margaret Blohm
Patricia Moran & Walter Chester
Diane Haley
Jason Stewart
George Overton Jr
Janet Snell
John & Benji Tessier
Mr & Mrs Ron Kaszuba
Camille Rafferty
Tim & Alexis McManus
Kathe Sheehan
Gregg VanDermark
Chris & Melany Welch
James Connors & Robert Rindler
George & Carolyn Teague
Richard Hoskinson
Sam Welch
Lucia Patnaude
Linda Kernick
Alicia Purzycki
David & Barbara King
Joe & Anne Quinn
Ellen Nitchman
Robert Perry
Herbert Hyde
Edward Chu
Christine Cooley
Leslie & Dave Lewald
Sharon & Matt Cutler
Mr & Mrs Leslie & Madeline Castle
Mr & Mrs Leslie & Madeline Castle
Mr & Mrs Leslie & Madeline Castle
David J Castle
Diane Sullivan
Maria Natarelli
John Ciovacco

$10 to $50

Anne Ellis
Francis and Heather Elia 
Shelly & David Roop
Cynthia Gedra
Anne Spataro
Melissa Siegelman
Alan Richard Jr.
Emily Campito
Mike Contino
Stephanie Persico
Therese Giana
Michael & Linda Lanotte
Joan Terwilliger
Rita Sweet
Mr & Mrs Leo P Bressette
Jessica Betterly
Monica Shelmandine
David McGraw
Bhartiben Patel
Bob Pezzano
Pat & Joe Tamburr
Riva & Matt Sparks
Dan Stan
Ron & Liz Krebs
Cynthia Zamora
Florence Graham
D. Mowery
Susan Castle
Pauka Cohen Martin
William & Diane Faubion
Herve Desrochers
Robert & Catherine Loperfido
Lauren Goodwin
Mormand Lamoureux
Michelle Ostrelich & Howard Schlossberg
Dimitri & Nancy Grivas
Theresa Schillaci & Robert Newell
Richard & Lou Ann Carlstrom
Celeste Lamoureux
Fortunoto Maglicco
Nader Awwad
Agnes Grygiel
Diane Muraven
Debbie Hall
Andrew & Lynn Ragogna
Trish Struzik & Kevin Burton
Bradley & Marcia Ford
Dawn & Michael King
Amy Sellin
James Schmidt
Cheryl Noughton 
Doug Obrey
Dawn Castle
Sara Compoli
Mary Abercrombie
John Munn
Linda F. Law
Mary Fallon
Rebecca Davenport
Nick & Julie Tessier
Mary Belden
Joseph A Salamone Living Trust
Irma De Marco
Amy Petosa
Beverly Buliano
Bonnie White
Terri Riendeau