Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Policy and Procedures


  • Practice cancellations for inclement weather will be made as soon as we can.
  • Never drive to practice if weather conditions make you uncomfortable driving.
  • Listen to our local KNEM-KNMO Radio Station, and check their web page for Closings/Cancellations announcement.
  • Updates will be posted to the News tab section and sent via email. Updates will also be sent via text message to any accounts that have SMS enabled in their account. If you would like this feature, please log in to your account and add an SMS number under the "My Account" page (in the Account Info tab, right below your Login Email).​
  • Parents/Swimmers should not expect or anticipate the declaration of the Inclement Weather Policy or use it to solely guide their own actions. Parents/Swimmers are responsible to use their own judgment in these situations.