Practice Group Descriptions

Practice Groups/Levels

WHITE - The White level swim group is geared mainly for swimmers ages 11 and under or swimmers with limited Swim Team experience. It is beneficial,  for these swimmers to be familiar with the four competitive strokes and have had past swim team experience. The main emphasis for this level is on refining competitive swim skills and teaching skills not yet learned. At this level, technique of competitive swimming skills is vital. Once techniques are learned, the group will begin to concentrate on training and racing experience.

GREEN - The Green level swim group is typically geared for swimmers ages 11-13 or swimmers with several years of year-round competitive experience. Swimmers at this level should be able to perform all four strokes according to USA Rules. The emphasis for this group will change as the season progresses. Stroke technique will be the main emphasis early in the season. Later in the season this group will concentrate on training and reaching goals set for competition.

BLACK - The Black level swim group is geared for swimmers ages 12-21 (or at coaches’ discretion) who have had several years of year-round experience. These swimmers are those who are seriously dedicated to reaching the highest levels of their own potential. Swimmers with YMCA Area times, Ozark Championship times or YMCA and/or USA National times will fit into this group. Some swimmers below those standards are eligible at coaches’ discretion.